13 Nov 2013

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shepazu: We actually know what currently will have and their priorities.
... we have list list of priorities.

… based on whether it is implemented, their adoption level

Eliot: From a rudimental aspect..

… we did not have a donation

… we based on donnations

shepazu: talking about licensing.

… problem about most of the site is the content is locked by that given licence and do not allow to re-use nor giving back attribution

… we hope to get content from MDN. But turns out they are giving a "viral" licensing model

Q: Do you do linking

shepazu: We do. but we have to have authentic content

Q: Is it acceptable to refer about it

shepazu: let me explain re-use use cases

… Brackets is reading WPD to get content from

… other projects is pull from WPD

… also Google wants to do the same thing for their developer tools

IMPORTANT: If you have reference or links of good quality content that are non licensed or that the responsible who is the owner the content and wants to share, we are searching

… to get in relation and work with them to contribute to our content

Eliott: One of the big thing we are working on and to be implemented in the near future

… Who is using what API

… and Which browser is implementing what

somebody: Are you using Browser scope

shepazu: Browser scope is a good project we did not contact them yet

… Many sources we are using:

-- CanIUse.com

-- QuirksMode.org

-- HTML5Test.com


-- MDN (Mozilla Developer Network)

-- W3C Test suites

scribe: but the latter is too deep in granularity for a common developer

… Compatibility info:

-- Collecting and normalizing data sources

-- preference for test based-assertions

-- JSON files on GitHub

-- Widgets (tables, icons, etc) for ease and reuse

Q: Have you considered allowing a developer, feature hint!: A checker against an app and how it would be supported against a browser

… it is like a reverse checkup where you provide an URL and it would tell you features your are using and tell you where detected features would work or not on which browser

shepazu: we did not think of that. But we are a teaching resource, not a validator service.

… but we will do provide an API to give support level by given API use

… We will eventually rely upon on W3C test suites but also use resources


- Currently use MediaWiki

scribe: we might switch because it doesn't scale for our use cases

… But it serves perfectly to start and have something out there

scribe: Although that there were a lot interest, we decided to narrow, create list and give topic to help
... ask volunteers and getting buy-in and proactive ownership on given subject with volounteers

Eliott: We basically learned how to manage a global community with paid, and volunteer contributors

Talking about building a new CMS, but more of a set of features and modules to allow us to work

… catching up ..

Focussing on content that is being useful to client side developer

Is there a set of material that is comprehensive in 12 hours of all you could learn

to make dense

Q: How do we build an open collaboration relationship without being too formal

shepazu: we are concentrating on getting a certain kind of content polished

… remember that we have a limited set of resources

Eliott: the more we have contributors the better to improve

Shepazu: If you want to take responsibility on a given topic, we will gladly take the help

… we do expect that people with certain interests/knowledge to chime in and contribute with us

… we will gladly welcome your participation and facilitate

Summary of Action Items

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