Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

13 Nov 2013

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Shadi, David, Simon, Vivienne
Markel, Annika, Klaus, Yeliz, Yehya, Silvia, Giorgio, Mark


Information Exchange

DS: went to Access to Higher Ground, gave keynote
... mentioned RDWG and my participation there
... also told about Online Symposium
... and shared links etc
... hope it is good exposure
... could context with the conference
... could be good exchange with that
... also to send results to
... separately, also heard a talk from Gregg Close (?)
... described approach of doing accessibility at local university
... gathers information about bugs and fixes
... wonder if data might be important for people in RDWG
... seemed interested to share work and ideas
... not results of HTML but data points
... seems quite useful for accessibility research

SH: that's the benefit of online repositories
... like big data

SAZ: thanks a lot for the outreach and promotion!
... also good to hear that good fit between RDWG and Access to Higher Ground
... should continue to foster exchange with this and other conferences
... also good to maybe list the data repository you were talking about
... this is our core mission, to help exchange and coordination in the research community

DS: good to have a listing and maybe a point-of-contact in the group

SH: need to think through
... sometimes licenses prevent secondary analysis
... maybe can provide advice in the tips for accessibility-aware research
... though bigger issue than accessibility

DS: good advice to people about how to use datasets
... and what kinds of permissions to look for

SH: could speak people at WebScience
... how can people become an observatory for accessibility?

DS: action to create page that lists datasets

<davidsloan> correction to minutes: Greg Kraus, North Carolina State University

SAZ: list such a dataset separately or under a corresponding topic, or both?
... think maybe both

SH: have few repositories now but could start seeing new ones building

DS: page listing datasets might be most sustainable way to go


Gerardo Capiel


VC: worked on synopsis accreditation note for discussion

+1 to send it to the group

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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