13 Nov 2013

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Tomoyuki_Shimizu, Koichi_Takagi, Hiro


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Ken: I will give a talk about make the teleconf better.
... slide are uploaded at http://goo.gl/KPrZo8/

[Today's Main Idea]

Ken: I think defenitely there's some potential way to improve the collaboration of teleconference and Web.

[slides #3]


<stakagi> s/http://goo.gl/KPrZo8//http://goo.gl/KPrZo8/

[Current Teleconf]

Ken: We have two components at the current W3C's teleconference.
... One is voice part which is PSTN.
... Another is the text part which we use IRC.

[Goal Image]

Ken: It would be ideal if we have a webapps which allows us to access both voice and text in one app.

[Feature will be...]

Ken: But we have several issues today...
... One is calling from browser
... Second is supporting video
... Third is speech recognizion
... since sometimes especially for non-native english speaker to understand in telecon.
... I believe these feature is essentially important feature for future teleconf.

[switch to Mr. Naka]


Naka: I will explain the demonstration topologies.

[Mr.Naka explains the figure of demonstration topology]

scribe: We implemented this with node.js and native module.
... Now we will show the demo.

[Mr. Naka switch to the browser]

Naka: We will connect to Zakim's echotest through browser.

[Hearing the Zakim's echotest voice. the sound quality is bad...]

Naka: Now we finish the demo

Ken: We showed the simple example which would be a start point of the future teleconf.
... So let's move to the discussion.

<Tomoyuki> s/at http://goo.gl/KPrZo8//http:\/\/goo.gl\/KPrZo8\/

[Hiro explained today's W3C teleconf and the w3c's teleconference replacement plans]

ken: we're glad if we could get some ideas from the audience.


<Tomoyuki> hiro is talking about other use cases than voice call; video conference, data sharing, and other potential examples

<Tomoyuki> scribing is an important one

ken: the feature who is currently talking is also important.
... Sometime I use skype.
... skype has this feature.

<Tomoyuki> +1 to 'who is currently talking'

<stakagi> Recodring.

Tomoyuki: Permission for recording is also important.

Ken: I think video should be acceptable.
... What is the most needed feature?

Hiro: Translation?

<Tomoyuki> hiro: there are many non-English countries and people

<Tomoyuki> ... time difference is also an important issue

Toshiya: &&&&

kotakagi: Web-based teleconf is very important which allows us to attend from everywhere with any browser.

ken: I'd like to talk about the downside of the current VoIP client.

<stakagi> Web based system will have ability to integrate IRC and voice.

ken: if we have a standard for web-based teleconference, we can use any webapps which supports this.
... interop is also important.

s/Title: How we could make the Teleconference system better?//

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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