Model-Based UI teleconference

08 Nov 2013

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Laufe, Nick, Dave, Jaroslav, Joelle, Gaelle, Gerrit
Paolo, Fabio



Dave explains that the task models spec has been published as an updated Working Draft

Unexplained delay in publishing the abstract UI. Dave will chase that up.


Jaroslav says he has read the minutes of recent meetings about requested changes to the glossary.

Some discussion about the user entry. Jaroslav proposes to keep this entry and use Gaelle's definition.

Joelle: what's the URI for the latest version of the Glossary?
... got it

Jaroslav: I am preparing a new version based the group's comments.

Do we agree on this change? [yes]

Jaroslav: should we remove the references?

Gaelle: there are so few, it looks weak, so we should remove them

Jaroslav: fine, so we will not have any references
... what about providing a reference to the Cameleon project?
... yes it is important to provide the historical precedent.
... and to put this at the start as background info
... what about "cross cutting", this is left quite abstract in the Intro doc.

Cross cutting is a transformation of the model into another one at a different level of abstraction and for a different context of use.

Joelle: either abstraction or concretization

Jaroslav: so this is lossy ...

Gaelle: not necessarily

Laufe: we need to align the introduction doc and the glossary in respect to this.

Jaroslav: can you think of an example for use in the glossary?
... generating concrete UI models for a different device, e.g. a different context of use

Joelle: you have a task model that was created for a PC platform and you now want to target a smart phone, and the transformation to the smart phone could drop optional tasks.

Dave notes that the Hertz example shows that when switching to a smart phone some tasks may be dropped and other phone specific tasks *added*

Jaroslav: if there are some entries in the draft working group note that are present in the google doc, please let me know

After some discussion it is agreed that the entries published in the working group note are to be removed from the google doc.

Jaroslav drops off (he is still on sick leave)

Topic Introduction Note

As far as we know we are just waiting for diagrams from UCL.

Dave: I will look into that and prepare a Working Group Note. We can then review the Glossary and Introdunction WG Notes and see if we have a consensus on publishing them.


Dave will be in China next week and won't be able to call in. Others will be at a conference. We agree to have the next call on Friday 22 November.

Dave wants to have a discussion on next steps as the MBUI Working Group Charter is about to expire. We have the W3C Ubiquitous Application Design Group. Dave will send an email to seed the discussion.

[End of minutes]