Web&TV - Testing TF call

06 Nov 2013


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Kaz, Bin, Clarke, Daniel, Sheau, Mark Giuseppe


<scribe> scribenick: ddavis

<giuseppep> calling in now

<kaz> https://www1.gotomeeting.com/join/842110225

kaz: Daniel and I would like to provide Webex if possible.
... We need to check if we can do this.

Clarke: If you want to use my GoToMeeting account, you can do that.
... I'll provide the information to someone who can be there.

Mark_Vickers: There is an account for MIT for Webex.
... I've been suggesting they use it for TPAC for a couple of months but not heard anything.

giuseppep: They might set it up for us.

ddavis: We want to try to use it if possible for our TV session.

giuseppep: We need to make sure we have a mic for the big room.

kaz: I can bring a microphone and speaker. We also might be able to use Skype as a fallback.

Clarke: Kaz, please see what can be done or if there are any tools we need.
... Any other TPAC topics?

Mark_Vickers: I think we're completing the Task Force with this meeting.
... So we're summarising it and reporting it as completed work, correct?

Clarke: Yes, so it will be a summary report?

Mark_Vickers: Yes. We should have a couple of slides saying what the Task Force accomplished.

Clarke: Would you be willing to work with me on that as I'll not be there?

Mark_Vickers: Yes

Clarke: I'll work on a first draft and send it to you.

Mark_Vickers: I believe this TF established a lot - not just the recommendations but also connections with several external groups.
... It has made the IG an interactive interface for W3C and several TV-related groups around the world.
... My opinion is we should continue doing this and communicate with these groups on a regular basis.
... Thank you Clarke for getting this done - it's been a productive year.

<kaz> +1

Clarke: And thank you and all the participants for the commitment and support.
... Anything else to discuss?

kaz: I was wondering about a possible joint session/meeting with other groups.
... We don't have to, but some of us can simply visit other meetings and see what they're doing.
... In particular regarding testing and as well as private discussions with e.g. Tobie

Clarke: Yes, I encourage this. Is there a deliverable you'd like to create?

kaz: We had this discussion on the moderators list and Mark agreed.
... We can just talk about our efforts and bring back the feedback to this Task Force.

Mark_Vickers: To this Task Force or another part of the group?

kaz: We can continue discussion about testing and be a centre of liaison for other standards orgs
... so maybe we can discuss this after TPAC and think about what should be done for the next step.

Clarke: Maybe keep the mailing list open.
... and have it as a place for discussion of Web and TV testing topics.
... If something does require a meeting we can schedule it then.

giuseppep: Yes, the reflector is always open.
... Those involved in the testing activity can forward it to the IG and we can resume this discussion if necessary.
... Otherwise, we can encourage people to join the relevant group.
... One thing related to Tobie, do we need him to give a presentation?

ddavis: He's already coming to speak to us on Tuesday.

giuseppep: We should maybe assign him a spot during the session.
... So he can explain the work of his group.

ddavis: Yes, I can contact him.

<scribe> ACTION: ddavis to contact Tobie about his speaking slot at TV session at TPAC [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2013/11/06-webtv-minutes.html#action01]

<trackbot> Created ACTION-167 - Contact tobie about his speaking slot at tv session at tpac [on Daniel Davis - due 2013-11-13].

Mark_Vickers: Maybe he can speak after we've given our report, about what mailing lists and what groups might be interesting for people.

Clarke: Any other topics?
... OK, thanks again for your effort on this. Adjourned.

<Clarke> Thanks everyone!

<kaz> Thanks, Clarke!

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: ddavis to contact Tobie about his speaking slot at TV session at TPAC [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2013/11/06-webtv-minutes.html#action01]
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