04 Nov 2013


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Alastair, C.
Jutta Treviranus


<scribe> Scribe: Jan1

1. Re-chartering update (Jeanne)

JS: Charters have come bcak from W3C management
... Meeting with Judy today to address those comments.
... Really want to get a charter extension so we can publish this week
... If we can't it will be pushed back until late in the month

JT: Any issues for this group?

JS: Length of time of the extension.
... Tomorrow we will be presenting the Directors package

<Greg> +1

<Tim> +1

<Greg> Agree to continue after recommendation

JS: Issue of how many people plan to stay with group after Rec

(Greg and Tim's +1's refer to this)


JS: Thank you

2. Candidate Recommendation (CR) process update (Jeanne and Jan)

JS: We have made significant steps this week.
... Directors transition package is done and sent out
... Meeting with Juidy today to go over it and prepare for meeting
... Directors meeting is tomorrow...
... Hope to publish this week, before TPAC, otherwise right after

GP: Package?

JS: It is a formal document that shows work we have done, resolution of comments, concensus was acheived
... I can send the document to the list
... After the call

GP: This is a formal deliverable mandated by the W3C...the directors will consider it?
... How long does it take for them to decide?

JS: Perhaps at the meeting?

GP: Good luck

TB: Good luck

JT: Yes

JS: I think we will be ok, we've done good work so I think it will go well.

JT: Wonderful
... OK keep us up to date

JS: Thanks

3. Renew Candidate Recommendation resolution (because we have published a Last Call since the last one)

JS: This was from last week, which we got

JR: OK it was just in case

GP: So you have necessary number of responses?

JS: I think we do. I have a response from every company and invited expert.

JT: Great

4. Implementation report update (Jan)

JR: Need to look at Easy Chirp
... May hear from Alastair soon re: more Drupal results - Ember module

5. Call for Papers: Accessible E-Learning - Online Symposium


Papers due by Nov 15

6. Other issues?

JT: Any other business to cover today?
... Not hearing any, we wuill keep our fingers crossed for Jenane
... Nov 11 meeting is cancelled...holiday in US and CDN

Summary of Action Items

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