Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Teleconference

28 Oct 2013

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Jeanne, Greg, TomB, Alastair
Jan, Cherie, Tim, Alex


<trackbot> Date: 28 October 2013



This is the draft for the Candidate Recommendation with the proposed text for the Status section.

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Candidate Recommendation

JS: We last took a vote for CR early in the summer, and since then we have published a Last Call, which supercedes the earlier CR vote.
... We need to vote for CR again
... this Editor's draft has the Status section we have drafted for CR including the Exit Criteria and AT Risk items.

Tim Boland voted yes by email

Jan Richards voted yes by email.

<Greg> Yes

<tbabinszki> yes

Alastair votes yes verbally (problems with IRC).

Jeanne votes yes

Resolution: Publish ATAG 2.0 as a Candidate Recommendation

EOWG to work on ATAG 2.0 rollout support

JS: I met with EOWG to discuss their support of ATAG 2.0. They will finalize ATAG At A Glance and ATAG Overview page as a first priority
... then they want to focus on service providers for the big authoring tools and the local integrators who customize the templates for organizations.
... they have formed a sub-group to work on ATAG.
... I recieved an email from Cherie voting to approve Candidate Recommendation. sending to archive in case it is needed later.

Summary of Action Items

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