Web and TV - Testing TF meeting

23 Oct 2013


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Kaz, Clarke, Giri, Paul, Daniel, Bin, Mark, Igarashi


latest survey result table

Clarke: One agenda item today - to review the spreadsheet

<inserted> latest table (Member only)

Clarke: Coremob column is fixed now.

Clarke: Mandatory 1 and Mandatory 2 columns have been introduced. Mandatory 1 means that a percentage threshold based on the survey has been met.

Mark: Mandatory 2 corresponds to if a single survey participant had deemed a requirement mandatory.

Clarke: I don't think the information required for 'Mandatory 2' is available in the table. It was in our original survey.

Paul: We could anonymize the data when represented in the table.
... Col. 29 as an example: 5 total score does not mean necessarily that any participant responded with a 4 (mandatory)

Clarke: Only one of the survey participants requested anonymity.
... Checked with Tobie as to when he requires the information to be relevant to the Open Web Testing initiative. He has not responded yet.

TPAC update

Clarke: Any other agenda items for TPAC?

Mark_Vickers: TF's should be reporting at TPAC.

Clarke: Will work with Guiseppe on presentation for TPAC F2F.

latest survey result table (revisit)

Mark_Vickers: We should take it to the list how to represent mandatory. Do we want a threshold approach, or if any participant deems a requirement mandatory it should be designated as such?

Clarke: I need help in using the W3C voting tools if we are to use this mechanism.

kaz: Do you mean the WBS system?

<Mark_Vickers> I think email is fine. vote not needed.

Clarke: Will send out an email survey.

ddavis: Are we sending the table to Tobie in advance of TPAC?

Clarke: I'd prefer to send it in advance. I'll send the email survey today and set a week deadline for responses.

TPAC update (revisit)

TPAC is Nov. 11-15. Web & TV is Nov. 12.

<Zakim> kaz, you wanted to ask about webinar connection for tpac f2f and to suggest we add agenda items on the agenda wiki

kaz: Have examined using Webex for TF. If we want, we can use it.

Clarke: We should try it out (Webex) on our Nov. 6 meeting.
... We could also try it on next week's Media API's TF call.

kaz: All members are encouraged to send ideas to the members list, and Clarke as the TF moderator can put the ideas to the F2F agenda wiki

kaz, please enter on IRC a link to Wiki for F2F agenda (if it exists)

<ddavis> TPAC agenda draft: http://www.w3.org/2011/webtv/wiki/Main_Page/TPAC_2013

<Clarke> Thanks , Gary

<kaz> [ adjourned ]

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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