21 Oct 2013


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Greg, Jan, Jeanne, Tom, Tim_Boland
Jutta_T., Alex_L.
Jan Richards


<Jan1> Scribe: jeanne

1. Re-chartering update (Jeanne)

<Jan1> JS: No new news

<Jan1> JS: Judy working on charters but have not heard if they have been sent

<Jan1> JS: Charter expired at the end of Sept. 2013

<Jan1> JS: So no publishing

2. CR process update (Jeanne and Jan)

<Jan1> JS: I got through the first phase of the directors package

<Jan1> JS: I am now in the process of making directors package

<Jan1> JS: I am also updating the comment response tables...

<Jan1> JR: Directors package?

<Jan1> JS: Includes lots of evidence that we have followed process, gotten sufficient review etc

<Jan1> JS: There will now be a new version of each response table

<Jan1> JS: Problem that sometimes approval is hard to verify

<Jan1> JS: Main thing is to be sure that we don't have any formal objections or that we inappropriately silenced anyone

<Jan1> JR: OK and you asked me to do something that I will do next week

<Jan1> JS: We need to make those comments into the new format

<Jan1> JR: Anything more?

<Jan1> JS: No, looking forward to being done

3. Implementation report update (Jan)

JR: I have not made any updates since I received the comments from Alastair

<scribe> scribe: jeanne

4. Other issues?

<Jan1> TB: Next F2F?

<Jan1> JR: What's the next best meaty work?

<Jan1> JS: testing...but not sure that's good F2F work

<Jan1> JS: Maybe comments from implementers

<Jan1> JS: Another thing would be 4-6 months into CR...need to strategize about gaps...

<Jan1> JS: Maybe we could also update the implementing doc at that time as well

JR: Send any implementation details you have to Jan

<Jan1> JR: If people would like to host, please send us info.

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