W3C HCLS – General Meeting

10 Sep 2013

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<matthias_samwald> is someone scribing?

<Joanne_Luciano> Michel: The new challenge is how to disseminate and educate the sem web approach

<Joanne_Luciano> MIchel - opening forum to floor to hear thoughts about what to do and where to go...

<Joanne_Luciano> Eric: keen on ourteach plan

<egonw_> dialing via SIP does not work for me...

<egonw_> ok, making progress?

ericp: approach for health care solutions has been piecemeal. do some work and put up on the wiki. be better to more easily navigate towards the relevant solution

<Joanne_Luciano> ErickP - suggesting outreach and need for decision tree to guide new users to what they need

egombocz: use cases should be more obvious to illustrate

<egonw_> no stable SIP with Ekiga :(

<Joanne_Luciano> Eric P: need to model business cases (justification) as well as the technical

<Joanne_Luciano> EricP: Now discussing what website might look like

<agray> I dropped out for a while there. Just rejoined

<ericP> http://www.w3.org/2013/HCLS-tutorials/RIM/#(6)

<egonw__> giving up :(

<AtifKhan> That's JavaScript

scott: in the past we showed hclskb, lodd, eligibility demo; what do we want to show now?
... circle of experts

ericp: flashy correspondence between syntax and graphical representation
... lost eligibility criteria demo - was hosted at deri - need persistance

scott: might be more reliable on a w3c server

<AtifKhan> Virtualization

ericp: hosting on w3c server can be done. another option is being able to independently deploy it

<matthias_samwald> +1 on Virtualization

<agray> At the very least a backup

ericp: in the case of demos - we can hold the idea that if it's good enough, they'll maintain it

<matthias_samwald> (will be off the computer for 30 seconds...)

<matthias_samwald> (back)

scott: problem with lodd was that these were not really reproducible

michel: Bio2RDF provides a common infrastructure solution for providing linked data for the life sciences

<bobP> echo echo

<agray> Was dropped again. Back again.

michel: shall HCLS get behind a project like Bio2RDF in order for us to build on and promote?

<boycer> +1

<agray> I would suggest that HCLS gets behind a variety of projects: Bio2RDF, Identifiers.org, Open PHACTS.

<egonw> agreed, I found it hard to ensure uptime for ChEMBL-RDF, given the load

matthias_samwald: there's a problem with the distributed semantic web; consolidation projects like Bio2RDF are more successful in the long term;

<agray> Also the EBI's RDF effort

<Joanne_Luciano> What are some of the deeper challenges?

<Joanne_Luciano> I'd like us to get a number of ideas / options before "deciding"

<egonw> Joanne_Luciano: I guess, helping adoption by providing support in keeping uptime

michel: tasks force updates

<egonw> Joanne_Luciano: e.g. promote organization-wide SPARQL end point adoption... like by university IT departments

<egonw> Joanne_Luciano: e.g. promote organization-wide SPARQL end point adoption... like by university IT departments (or libraries :)

ericp: CDISC2RDF project influencing decision makers (Kerstin)
... josh mandel working on RDF version of FHIR
... mapping of clinical terminology ; SALUS grabs and converts from different sources;

<bobP> ericP will talk about this tonight at #cswmup

<boycer> http://www.slideshare.net/boycer/brief-update-tow3-chclswrtpddis09102013

boycer: 40,000 products; FDA table of biomakers; links to drugbank (rxnorm to drugbank); developing pipeline to extract drug-drug interactions
... working with Paolo for DOMEO-based annotation of SPL
... long term project

<egombocz> sorry, need to join another meeting - thank you all!

boycer: looking to build a community around annotation

<matthias_samwald> Slides for my presentation: http://de.slideshare.net/matthiassamwald/hcls-call-september-2013-clinical-pharmacogenomics?utm_source=ss&utm_medium=upload&utm_campaign=quick-view

matthias_samwald: significant progress. have developed OWL2 ontology for patient decision support. ontology + patient data = matching dosing recommendations
... finishing paper to describe the system and ontology
... pgx statements in drug labels
... many opportunities to present work at conferences and workshops
... plans are to transition from prototypes towards other ontologies and clinical decision support systems in real clinical settings. form collaborations with clinics and practitioners that use PGx data in decision making and see whether these tools/technologies work in practice
... collaborate with PGRN (bob freimuth at mayo)
... try to evaluate our system with PGRN sequencing
... look at wiki page

joanne: commercial interest?

matthias_samwald: early still... we have made strides to make it feasible. reasoners have improved and system is getting more performant

<Joanne_Luciano> before we go... "off topic" does anyone know a head hunter they can recommend that understands the semweb space / or who might need help on a project from an expert in sem web / HCLS

<bobP> Matthias and Bob Friemuth will write a paper for J. Pharmacogenomics(?)

<mscottm> Objective: Create the technical foundations for spontaneous data discovery using SPARQL in a data federation, on the Web.

<mscottm> Status: http://bit.ly/1eA1DM1

<mscottm> Anticipated deliverables: W3C Note, Metadata Publishing Tool

<mscottm> Timeline: Draft December, Approved May

mscottm: lots of people involved - dbcls, biohackathon, bio2rdf, integbio, biosharing, biodbcore, uniprot, and more

<agray> I've dropped out again and I can't get back in (conference code is restricted)

<mscottm> Alasdair - Joanne is asking for ideas for her 1 hr talk at IEEE Semantics and Computing

<mscottm> http://www.swat4ls.org/workshops/edinburgh2013/

<egonw> agray: will you send her your scientific lenses work?

<Joanne_Luciano> One question is where to send them, in terms of current needs where their skills can be applied.

<agray> Joanne, the paper that egonw mentions can be found http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-951/paper5.pdf

<Joanne_Luciano> thanks!

<agray> Happy to answer any further questions

<boycer> thanks!

<michel_> thanks all

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