HTML-A11Y Task Force Teleconference

08 Aug 2013


Mark_Sadecki, janina, Cynthia_Shelly, SuzanneT, John_Foliot, Rich_Schwerdtfeger, paulc
David_MacDonald, Chaals, Judy, Leonie, SteveF


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JS: perhaps we have quorum to run the call

<janina> we've done that!

Canvas 2D Testing http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html-a11y/2013Jul/0052.html

Charles is promising work on tests

No bugs filed on longdesc

HTML5 testing http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html-a11y/2013Jul/0053.html

<MarkS> http://www.w3.org/2013/08/html5-testing-summary.html

summary outlines position & recommended next steps

request for volunteers or more research

no responses so far

MS: system colors - file bug if want to pursue
media queries - 2 paragraphs - concern that those will be used for a11y & we wanted to test
Marks-MacBook-Pro:RawLineEdit msadecki$ but there's a separate spec for that, so recommend no action

RS: agreed

MS: only IE makes title accessible
spec doesn't say it needs to be keyboard accessible

group: title also important as fallback for AT

JS: 5.1 might be the target for the bug

cynthia: WCAG might want to look at existing & new title techniques

group: title issue will be addressed as a bug

MS: lang interoperability issues - need more info about the issues

group: we need to look at the accessibility APIs

<MarkS> ACTION: for Cynthia_Shelley to investigate what MS products do with lang attribute

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<MarkS> ACTION: cyns to investigate what MS products do with lang attribute

<trackbot> Created ACTION-189 - Investigate what MS products do with lang attribute [on Cynthia Shelly - due 2013-08-15].

RS: so, reactions to the lang attribute are up to the user agent

PC: good research would be to search xml:lang
there are open bugs on this
such as make lang and xml:lang synonyms

JS: core question - do we have a pipeline into the apis

janina asked Cynthia to look on Microsoft, she agreed

RS: check forAPI mappings

JS: we need to know that across the APIs

RS: analysis needed for 5.1

Longdesc Status Update

MS: don't need to pursue

RS: if there are strong native semantics, make sure aria attributes does not get mapped
need to check specific items: radio button with role="button" should not lose checked/unchecked state
table summary is going away, what is the expected behavior

group: most negative thing that happens, is not validate

Cynthia: there should be WCAG techniques about table summary
folks will want a simple replacement for summary

JS: do we or do we not test what 5.0 spec says about summary

group: spec recommends using detail within caption, but there are problems with that
caption labels a table
details inside caption let's you expand/collapse and anything can be in details

group; question is how would that map to an a11y API

JS: we need a separate discussion on whether there should be bugs filed on author guidance

MS: next issue caption element: to pursue, we need to demo interoperability issues
are there any caption-related bugs?
will search bugzilla
next is button element with a lot of new attributes
need to provide tests and examples to see if there are interoperability issues - think of what those might be
next is links: need to demo interop issue to pursue
what is a link appears in fallback content, will it be mapped correctly to ally API

other elements besides canvas?

RS: probably mainly canvas

MS: new link types might cause a11y issues
would need to demo issues

group: type is a new attribute

MS: next is tag clouds - this would be a bug or a recommendation, not an area for testing

JS: longdesc = HTML extension spec in last call sponsored by this group

RS: is there any way that it might be added to the 5.0 spec?

JS: a month ago, decided we would ask for it to be folded back into the spec, when the time came

RS: main element status: test to see that there's an API mapping

JS: we have general agreement on MS's recommended dispositions

MS: regarding testing, is there something else bug triage group should do, given low activity, can they help with testing

TF Work Statement CFC http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html-a11y/2013Jul/0044.html

JS: PF & HTML sponsor this and there are different expectations as to what a teleconference can do
due to this, the work statement should clarify
can we raise objections in the teleconference?
can we make decisions in teleconference if we document it
propose email discussion on this by next Thursday
PF wants to allow TF to state how they wish to work

Alt Edits Completed

canvas 2D testing:

MS: trying to find people to help

JS: priority for this meeting: go to topic 8

HTML 5.1 Objectives -- Open Discussion

JS: think about what we want in 5.1, that we don't have in 5.0
1. where the perfection points are: revisit aria mappings; media; etc
2. additional items like a calendar picker should work
2. additional items like a how calendar picker should work
please think about this type of item and make suggestions to the list

RS: we need to sync up with aria 1.1
things like dialog being implements, but difficult for web developers, make use of dialog

JS: meet next week, but following week MS is out & following week is "geek week"

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: cyns to investigate what MS products do with lang attribute
[NEW] ACTION: for Cynthia_Shelley to investigate what MS products do with lang attribute
[End of minutes]

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