15 Jul 2013


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Tim_B._(partial), Cherie_E.
Jan Richards


Good to be back

<Jan> Scribe: Greg

1. Re-chartering update (Jeanne)

Rechartering Update from Jean

Package of Charters being reviewed by W3C mgt and moved to committees

<Jan> JS: We have been given extension on current charter till Sept 30

Current charter extended to September 30, 2013 meaning we are free to publish until then.

2. CR process update (Jeanne and Jan)

CR Process Update

JS: Now into Candidate Recommendation. Asking world to begin implementing this recommendation in the "real world"

As part of process, wg needs to write criteria for exiting the process once it is entered.

An implementation report is required for the exit criteria

If the WG fails to meet the exit criteria, back to last call.

JS and JR have been writing exit criteria for the past several months

JS provided a review of the exit criteria

A and AA can be easily met. AAA presents a challenge.

JS to followup on the liklihood of acceptance

JR Created a new implementation grid

<jeanne> http://www.w3.org/WAI/AU/2013/ATAG2ImplementationReport20130711.html

Summary of Action Items

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