08 Jul 2013


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Greg, P.


Tom: Mentions Easy Chirp as a possible implementator...

JR: Will check out audacity.
... Will also look into simple multimedia editors such as iPhoto, iMovie etc.

<jeanne> JS: Will contact Dennis about Easy Chirp. We had discussed it in the past, and he was interested.

1. Re-chartering update (Jeanne)

JS: We will be covered until September 2013 by an extension.
... So we need to publish CR by then.

Tim: Have we submitted a rechartering application?

JS: Ours (AU) is moving forward as part of the WAI batch

2. CR process update

JR: Implementation report: http://www.w3.org/WAI/AU/2013/ATAG2ImplementationReport.html
... Other than exit criteria...what's waiting for CR?

Jeanne: JS: What about other support docs?
... Checklist, comparison with ATAG2?

JR: Unless we need to have either, we should drop them.

Jeanne: I don't think we need them.

Tim: Checklist version needs to be easy to extract.
... Very helpful to implementors.

JS: Maybe this could be something EO helps with as part of promotion.

JR: Can also use test doc or implementing doc

Next meeting July 15.

scribe: short meeting.

Summary of Action Items

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