Evaluation and Repair Tools Working Group Teleconference

12 Jun 2013

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Shadi, Carlos, Samuel
Christophe, Emmanuelle



SM: like the direction that the Charter has, includes all previous comments from my side
... especially on test description language

SAZ: test description language has been also a request from Fraunhofer for many years now

CV: contact validator people?

SAZ: could invite Ralph Swick to one of our next group meetings
... to learn more about validator developments and how we could contribute

[[Updating and maintaining list of web accessibility evaluation and repair tools, in particular with information on tools that support WCAG 2.0]]

[[Up-to-date web accessibility evaluation and repair tools with information on tools that support WCAG 2.0]]

no deliverable

SAZ: have the scope and also as a success criteria
... but not deliverable, because actual interface (web page) is owned by EOWG
... we only provide the information in the list

SM: should this relationship to EOWG be stated explicitly
... or clarify that the deliverable is only the data

SAZ: good point
... will talk with EOWG about this, also to align the charter descriptions
... but not hearing disagreement with the actual concept

SM: correct

Next Meeting

no meeting on 19 June

next meeting 26 June

agenda would be new document "guidance for evaluation tool developers"

CV: will provide draft for discussion by Monday 24th
... will also send final version of the requirements document by then

SM: will send shortened scenario later today

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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