13 May 2013


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Tom, Jeanne, Jan, +1.561.582.aaaa, Sueann, Tim_Boland, Alastair
Cherie_E, Greg_P
Jan Richards



<jeanne> Lotus Connection has a 60 day demo. It is a huge program

IBM docs

<jeanne> TB: Also looking at IBM docs

JR: CKeditor already has a column

SN: IBM has 60 day trial
... Media Caption Editor

<jeanne> TB: IBM docs is a large application, but not as large as Lotus Connections

1. Re-chartering update (Jeanne)

JS: We should try to publish before then of June

JR: June 25?

JS: June 20


JS: When we go to CR, we can save time by identifying SCs that don't have implementations
... And we say waht we are going to do
... JR+JS work on it this week...
... By May 16...JR+JS will have something for JT+JB
... Then we will introduce it to the group on May 20

May 27 meeting will be cancelled due to Memorial Day (US)

June 3 - Group to approve Exit Criteria

May 30: All members should have sent in their implementations

JR: Is that acceptable?

AC: Tricky for me?
... Will try to look at the ones marked as having few or no implementations

JS: There should not be too many things on that list (e.g. 4)

June 3- will also approve the at-risk list

JS: After that no further work fro the group...there is work for Jeanne to prep the publishing...will start now

2. Implementation report (Jan)


JR: IBM could you tell me this week whether it is MCE or IBM docs?
... To ping for a decision on Thurs

Summary of Action Items

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