Web and TV IG - Testing TF call

08 May 2013

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CyrilRa, Giuseppe, Bin_Hu, Yosuke, Clarke, Kaz


Giuseppe: reality is we haven't received any feedback yet
... most of liaisons sent us back an acknowledgement, such as thank you for sharing etc
... expect something this week or next week

Clarke: any liaison you haven't received acknowledgemenet, and we should follow on?

Giuseppe: not sure, need to check

Clarke: maybe you can contact W3C liaison and let them follow up?

Giuseppe: believe most of them acknowledged

Clarke: internal poll result?

Giuseppe: questioning is if it is useful for this survey

Clarke: would we add value to internal testing group if we do interna survey?

Bin: it is useful. even if feedback represents individual company's view, and internla poll collectively can represent group's view, and set our expectation and priority to testing group

Clarke: the key thing in the group is the features we needed to the testing group, which can be achieved through liaison feedback and individual feedback

UNKNOWN_SPEAKER: if we identify the specifications, it is useful

Giuseppe: I will set up the poll, and will send it out

Clarke: aother agenda item is the additional use cases

it doesn't appear we have any use cases now

Clarke: Cablelabs will have some additional use cases, and will contribute shortly

UNKNOWN_SPEAKER: let us wait for another 2 weeks to consider this work is complete
... let us give another 2 weeks for liaison feedback

Clarke: another is the logistics. Let us have the call biweekly, i.e. we skip next week

UNKNOWN_SPEAKER: I will send out the requirement in a couple of weeks
... if we have any deadline to contribute to testing group

testing group is doing fundraising

Clarke: they may also accept testing requirment, and let us wrap up in a couple of months

Giuseppe: my question is what we input to W3C testing group

Clarke: we wrap up the use cases, and generate testing requirement and input to W3C testing group

Giuseppe: is W3C testing group doing the same thing?

Clarke: what are the other group doing?

HTML testing TF is reviewing HTML 5.1 to identify the testing gaps

Clarke: looks like they are doing the similar thing

Giuseppe: we haven't got acknowledgment from CAA

Clarke: will contact Brian M to follow up

Clarke: any other business?

No, not from my side

Clarke: will meet in 2 weeks. meanwhile, I will work on the requirement, and Cablelabs will have additional use cases

UNKNOWN_SPEAKER: I will contact W3C testing group to see if there is any format to uses
... Giusepe to follow up for response from liaisons

<Clarke> Thanks for scribing, Bin

Thank you Clarke

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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