Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

08 May 2013

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Shadi, Klaus, Simon, Yehya, Mark, Yeliz, Christos, Silvia, Luz, Peter
Markel, Giorgio, Vivienne, Annika, Peter


Agenda item: Charter Discussions - Tips for Accessibility-Aware Research: Start-up tips and basic guidance for researchers for incorporating accessibility considerations into their research designs, to be published as a W3C Working Group Note. [@@@ we should discuss this deliverable in more detail -- is it really going to be a W3C Working Group Note or other format? also think it needs a refined description.] (15m) [sharper]

SH: Both Judy Brewer and David Sloan are interested in this
... Do people think it is a good idea to keep this in the charter


SH: Do you think we can say that we cannot achieve it?

<christos> +1

<mhakkinen> +1

<Luz> +1

<silvia_mirri> +1

<klaus> +1

If you want to keep it, please +1

<sharper> +1

<Yehya> +1

<shadi> +1


SH: We want to keep it, I will work on the wording, and we will start to have something by monday which is good

Markue: I did a presentaton/CHI abstract which is published related to this

M: There were people from CHI community who did attend to my presentation

SH: any comments? Shall we move on to next item?

Mobile W3C Note Status (5m)

<mhakkinen> CHI 2004 abstract : http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=985921.986163&coll=DL&dl=GUIDE&CFID=215429613&CFTOKEN=46481091

SH: Mobile web status? Only people who responded are Jan Richards,
... Lots of comments on typographical mistakes, etc., it should take half a day to fix them
... and then it can go to public domain
... and we will be able to take it public, wider review
... and not much to say about the note

SAZ: I haven't had time to look at this

User Modelling Call (10m)

Yehya: UM - we have invited people to our scientific community, only 3 people accepted, I have talked to few other people
... Christos have improved the call and the website to address Vivien's comments

<christos> can you hear me?

<christos> problems

<christos> I am now workinf on shawns comments

Yehya: how can we make the call site publicly available?

<christos> i believe by tomorrow will be ok

Yehya: how can we proceed?

SH: Deadline is coming up for paper submission, right?
... we have to release it asap, right? as the deadline is approaching...

Yeyha: we need to release the call, we will actually need to make the website public

Yehya: who is responsible from this?

<sharper> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Distribution_Lists

SH: we need people to distribute the call to our distribution list

<christos> and also I wanted to ask if we are going to have a conference handling system...?

SH: we need to get going with this

<christos> something like openconf?

SH: Shadi, we need to proceed with this? How do we procced it now? Cordination group has not sent any comments

SAZ: cordination group is ok with the topic but they do not look at the details. Shawn send some comments but detailed.

SH: I think it is ready, especially the mail call is very widely read, and it is ready
... Some of us will be at W4A, and we need to release the call asap

<christos> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Call_for_Papers:_User_Modelling_for_Accessibility_(UM4A)_Online_Symposium_15_July_2013

SAZ: we need to check the call, and detailed editing comments need to be given

<christos> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/CfP_Email:_User_Modelling_for_Accessibility_(UM4A)

SAZ: before it is released to public

SH: The email link is empty, I guess you send us the wrong URL

<christos> it has the )

<mhakkinen> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/CfP_Email:_User_Modelling_for_Accessibility_(UM4A)

<christos> in the end

SH: Can you please send us another link

<Yehya> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/CfP_Email:_User_Modelling_for_Accessibility_%28UM4A%29

<christos> just write the ) in the end of the url

SH: Can we all look at the email?

<christos> yes...

SAZ: I think Shawn said that this call does not talk about what user modelling is

<sharper> correct 'User Modelling fro Accessibility'

Yehya: I remember this

Christos: Yes, there was a comment like that, and there are other comments like making the CFP simpler, I was planning to look at them
... I haven't addressed them yet
... I was on holiday

<sharper> also correct on main text 'See the mainUser Modeling for Accessibility Symposium page for B'

Christos: may be I can send an email when I complete my updates to the list?

SH: If you can send an email to the mailing list Christos when you finish? and me and Shadi can give you comments on Friday morning so that you can release by Friday afternoon

I don't see any problems with this...

any comments?

SAZ: I am wondering how many people reviewed it in detail?
... or are we assuming that silence is OK?

SH: I read it in detail and I asume everybody read it

Yehya: Giorgio, Vivienne, and Shawn, and also Silvia

also said they want to participate in the scientific committee

SAZ: I think we might have a procedural issue here? We need to make sure that it is accepted by the group.

<silvia_mirri> yes, sorry I've got trouble with my connection and now I'm online again

SH: It is been out and we have discussed it 3 times in the group, and I said please give comments about it

SAZ: we usually have balloting, wbs, and people submit yes/no

and gets them really read what they are approving

<mhakkinen> +1 to Shadi's comment re WBS usage

do we need to adapt timeline accordingly

SAZ: is it something we want to do? or pushing the timeline further ...

SH: a month would work, and I think if it is released next week, we can postpone te submission date a week

Yehya, Christos: we can postpone it one week

SAZ: we have 3 people in SC, we need more people, so we are behind the detals

Yehya: there are 5 people from the group, and we have 3 outside the group

SAZ: 8 is fine, I did not understand that
... I will be happy to get it out by Monday

but we need to get at least Shawn's comments integrated, Monday is very tight


SH: I think we should be shooting for it
... if you can make those changes Christos, and if we can read it, then at least we can try to release it on Monday

Christos: he will try to complete his changes by the end of today

Yehya: we will have a mature version by the end of tomorrow

SH: Can you please send it to Shawn when you complete your changes, so we don't have to wait
... any other comments?

Easy to Read W3C Note Status -

<shadi> "we also aim to suggest future research agendas"

<shadi> "governance"

SAZ: You need to be careful with the wording, and not to raise the expectations too high
... some terms are very jargony like "governance"
... you need to make it clear to other people who are not in the field

Yehya: Can I refer to a white paper to define terms?

SAZ: the abstract and the introduction should be self-explanatory
... you can link additional resources to Wiki page, but the abstract and the introduction should be easy to read

Yehya: I will edit and make sure it is easy to read

<sharper> +1

SH: Who has read it?

<klaus> +1 (-:#

<shadi> (not fully)

<shadi> +0.25

SH: I think we need to all read it so that we can discuss it
... lets cancel the next weeks call

and please use the next weeks one hour to read it

<shadi> +1

<Luz> +1

<sharper> +1

Klaus: when people have comments, please send them via email, so I can create a list of items that need to be discussed

<shadi> +1 to sending comments ahead of time


<silvia_mirri> +1

Klaus: Please send your comments ahead of time

SH: is there any other comments?
... Thanks everybody

<Luz> :)

<shadi> :)

<silvia_mirri> have fun in Rio!

SH: I will see you at W4A

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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