Site Redesign Task Force

07 May 2013


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Dorian Taylor, Bev Corwin, Aaron Gustafson, Kelly McCarthy, Ian Jacobs
Ian Jacobs


<Ian> Chair: Ian Jacobs


<Ian> IJ: Systems Team will do log analysis to answer our questions. I expect to have some data as early as next week. We have logs going back plenty of time.

o-kay let's see

<Ian> And…I have search query data from google webmaster tools

<Ian> ..I'll send that to the public list.

<Ian> IJ: I updated wiki after discussion with systems team about queries

<Ian> Dorian: Unique users is more of a sales conversion bit of data…not as valuable for site redesign


<Ian> http://www.w3.org/wiki/Headlights2013/SiteRedesign/CombinedSurvey

good news on survey monkey

one note

jeff atwood on stack overflow

was explicit about using google as its homepage

i.e. the homepage of SO isn't important

so when we look at the answers to that question later

just consider the framing

the 'how often' question

for the members

how about 'how often do you visit the member *area*'?

because if you log in doesn't it punt you to the member homepage

or can you log in and skip over that

<Kelly> Sorry I have to run. Ian, can we touch base tomorrow re: survey set-up & distribution?

<Ian> yes

heh for the record i load up a TR pretty much daily

<Kelly> Thanks everyone!

cheers Kelly

<bevcorwin> Thanks Kelly!

<Ian> IJ: I will shrink the member questions and let public list knoew

next meeting

<Ian> Proposed: 14 May, 4:30pm ET

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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