MBUI teleconference

02 May 2013

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Dave, Jaroslav, Cristina, Gaelle, Fabio, UCL, Paolo


<scribe> scribe: Dave

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July F2F

Heiko circulated info. It will be a one and a half meeting. We will finalize the agenda later on, but please make your travel arrangements.

Fabio asks if we should invite people from the W3C Indie WG.

Dave agrees and will email the Indie WG with an invitation.

<scribe> ACTION: Dave to contact Indie WG with invitation to July MBUI WG F2F [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2013/05/02-mbui-minutes.html#action01]

Changing the time of the telecon

<UCL> It's a nice idea.

Fabio: none of the slots were perfect.

Gerrit can't make today's call and has said that he wouldn't be able to make every Friday at 12:00.

Fabio, Gerrit wondered about Tuesday.

Gaelle: Joelle can't make the least worst slot of Tuesday.

Dave: we need to ensure that the people contributing to the documents can attend. Friday at 12 seems best choice for now.

Fabio: okay

Resolution: we will switch to Friday at 12: effective next week.

Glossary of Terms

Gaelle: see last week's minutes. We wanted to check with Fabio on the definition of Abstraction task.


Gaelle: we should finish the first version of the glossary as soon as possible.

Jaroslav asks a question on social relationship in regards to the context of use.

Vivian clarifies.

Abstract UI document

Fabio: what's the status.

Vivian: we've updated the diagram, and need review to see if the diagram covers all of the agreed cases.

Fabio asks Paolo for his opinion on the state of the AUI model document?

Paolo: I haven't looked at in the last month, it was okay for me, so I guess it still is.

Dave: how far away are we from releasing it as a FPWD?

Vivian: if everyone agrees with the definitions we could proceed to that.

Dave perhaps we should initiate a call for concensus on releasing it as a FPWD?

Fabio: what about the abstract, is it in place?
... anyone remember what the abstract interactor is?

Paolo: there is a definition.

Vivian: I guess it is for validating the AUI, but I will have to confirm with Jean.

Paolo: may be it would be simpler to put a boolean into the XXX for use as a template.

Fabio: it seems to be redundant.

Paolo: it would be simpler if the AIU could be used as a template.

Fabio: let's review that in the next audio conference.

Back to the Glossary

Paolo: the Glossary doesn't mention the notion of a template.

Jaroslav: we should add this to the glossary, but please let us return the review of terms in alphabetical order. We had got to device.

Fabio: we often distinguish between device and platform.

A device is a specific instance of a hardware platform

Discussion on purpose.

Paolo: W3C has a project on the "Web of devices", but I don't see a definition.

Fabio: we need to distinguish between peripheral device (e.g. a keyboard) and the main device.

A peripheral device has a limited purpose for interaction.

Jaroslav: we should clearly distinguish between device as platform and device as peripheral.

Smart phone is clearly a platform due to its flexibility.

Fabio: an iPhone is an example of a more specific device than a smart phone.

Gaelle: why do you make such a distinction between a smart phone and a PC?

Fabio: this is needed for adaptation to these classes of device.

Some adaptation might be specific to say an iPhone.

Gaelle: is there a glossary from this other group we can look at?

Jaroslav summarises

Fabio: I found a glossary from a while back on device independence

It isn't the only one, though

The device description repository core vocabulary

see http://www.w3.org/TR/ddr-core-vocabulary/

Further discussion on distinction between device and platform ...

Fabio: I suggest we have device, platform and peripheral

Jaraslav: idea of a device that is not standalone, e.g. a peripheral

Paolo: why do you want to keep the name device with peripheral?

Fabio: sure we can just use the term "peripheral"
... we can write that a platform may encompass a set of devices playing different functions.

Jaroslav: device is often used colloquially for platform, right?

when we say device independence, we are really referring to the platform

Jaroslav: what are concretely the 3 levels you suggest?

Fabio: peripheral e.g. keyboard, and platform spanning several devices

Paolo: I haven't found a W3C definition of platform, but OMG has one.

Fabio: so we will modify the glossary to clarify these terms

Fabio sent these links: http://www.w3.org/TR/di-gloss/ and http://www.w3.org/TR/2008/NOTE-ddr-core-vocabulary-20080414/

Fabio: we've run out of time. Next week's call will be at the new time/day (Friday 12:00 CET)

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Dave to contact Indie WG with invitation to July MBUI WG F2F [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2013/05/02-mbui-minutes.html#action01]
[End of minutes]

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