29 Apr 2013


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Alex_L., Cherie_E., T._Boland
Jutta Treviranus


<scribe> Scribe: Jan

1. New time for the call?

- 1pm ET has been proposed and agreed to by 6 members - we need to hear for the rest.

JT: Alex didn't object
... Any other objections?

<jeanne> +1

All: (silent)

GP: No prob


Resolution: To shift the call forward 2 hours to 1pm ET starting May 6 2013

2. Re-chartering update (Jeanne)

JS: First comments from within W3C received
... New draft: http://www.w3.org/WAI/AU/2013/draft_auwg_charter.html
... Most of the changes were editorial
... Another than that some info in scope...
... Added some additional work to do after ATAG2 is out the door
... Added Engage and promote adoption of ATAG 2.0 in coordination with the Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG)

Develop educational materials to support adoption of ATAG 2.0

Publish errata document based on public comment post-Recommendation

Review and comment on the work in other W3C Working Groups for dependencies with the requirements of ATAG 2.0

JS: Lots of editorial etc.
... Tim also had a question: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-au/2013AprJun/0033.html
... Probably don't need a dependency...EO is more of a support.
... No
... Another comment by Tim was whether we should have external groups section
... Would be one way to do it
... I could quickly do a "show changes" version?

JT: Are there issues we need to see?

JS: Unless there are objections I will take it back for the next step.

JT: Any objections?

All: (Silent)

JT: OK so we will go ahead...when finalized?

JS: Very soon... must go out to AC bby may 13
... Then there could be changes once the AC makes comments

JT: Any other questions?

All: No

JT: Any need to prrovide rationales?

JS: Don't think so

3. Implementation report (Jan)

JT: Lets start with IBM tools

JR: Wanted to revisit if Connections is the best tool

JS: Wahat about the captionning tool?

SN: Talking about MCE...
... Media Captioning and Editing
... So the weak points...red?

SN, JR: Discussion

JT: What about internal tools?

JS: That's allowed as long as there is some way to test it.

SN: May not be possible if its internal
... And the internal tools ay not be quite as accessible as product portfolio..."cobbler's children"

JT: Came up as a strategy for ensuring customer-facing content production is accessible

SN: For things that generate a lot of content, we often use Lotus Connections...but it may be too complicated

JR: Maybbe there is a constrained workflow through Lotus Connections to produce web pages etc.

SN: Our products and internal tools are both required to meet wcag
... But we need to tools to meet atag

JT: Had heard that ATAG strategies might be being employed to help meet wcag

SN: ok

JT: But as you said there is an issue with getting internal tools evaluated

JS: What about getting internal people to test them?

SN: Don't you need outside testers?

SJS: I'd have to check

JS: I'd have to check

SN: Out external tools are more accessible than our internal

Adobe tools

<jeanne> B.2.2.2 setting accessible properties - yes for Dreamweaver and Acrobat

<jeanne> B.2.3.1 alternative content is editable - yes for Dreamweaver and Acrobat

<jeanne> Dreamweaver doesn't try to put in alt text. Acrobat doesn't either

<jeanne> ... B.2.3.2 repair of alternative content

<jeanne> B.2.3.4 Save for reuse Acrobat is NA. XMP file properties. Certain applications use it, others don't. Acrobat doesn't.

<jeanne> ... part of the file metadata

<jeanne> ... so if you create the image in Illustrator, you can set the meta data which is preserved.

<jeanne> B.2.4.1 Accessible template options - Dreamweaver can do at level A. Probably not higher than level A. Acrobat does not have templates

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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