27 Mar 2013


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Mark_Vickers, kaz, Graham, sheau, yosuke, Clarke, Bin, giuseppep


clarke: Any open action items?

giuseppe: old items cleaned out.

clarke: will add action items to subsequent agendas
... Next topic is letter to related organizations
... (Reads draft liaison letter.)
... mav: Should we send a list of specs and ask to check off list?

giuseppe: we could reference the table of specs recently posted.

sheau: Does link give enough clarity for groups not so familiar with W3C?

<giuseppep> alternative link could be this: http://www.w3.org/wiki/Testing

sheau: For example, in ATSC, for example, they'd want more information.

clarke: Asks Sheau to draft some text
... each liaison person can tailor the communication.

mav: suggests attaching list of spcs

clarke: will add list of specs

mav: Will info be member confidential or public?

giuseppe: We can make aggregate page public

<Clarke> Here's the table: http://www.w3.org/2011/webtv/wiki/Testing/Feature_Coverage_Table

giuseppe: Post aggregate responses on the public wiki. Send individual liaison responses only on the member mail list, not on the wiki.
... Explain that there is a need to prioritize W3C testing work.

clarke: will ask for three level priority from liaison responses (i.e. low, medium, high)

shaeu: Do we want to ask for current level of reference? i.e. already referenced in spec, planned to be referenced, etc.

giuseppe: Perhaps addd a column for current spec usage

mav: Perhaps use required/optional/no referenced instead of low medium and high

clarke: Perhaps: Mandatory, Recommended, Not used
... Other column could show Currently published vs. Future publication

Bin: Maybe ask for version number instead of Current/Future

sheau: We could also ask them to provide link to spec

mav: Column on current usage could be more sensitive.

giuseppe: organizations can respond how they wish

sheau: Suggest adding a column for comments.

clarke: Will send draft to list

giuseppe: Also include that response will be kept member confidential.
... asks where TV column came from

mav: TV column came from me. We should delete it

giuseppe: Suggests removing "Non W3C specs"

clarke: Agrees to remove "non-w3c specs"

giuseppe: suggest not including table in letter drafts until table more complete
... When do we send it out?

clarke: Can be complete by next week. I'll have draft out before next week's meeting.
... Next topic: use cases

giuseppe: (Describes process for creating a use cases while Clarke shows on screen sharing.)
... (Describes process for creating ISSUE while Clarke demonstrates on screen sharing.)
... New issue will create email to list.
... Use the ISSUE-nnn in email or just reply to the original automatic posting

clarke: Next topic: Giuseppe to introduce his new use case.

giuseppe: Functional completeness not sufficient - performance also important for some specs. e.g. spec could be implemented correctly, but too slow to be useful.
... One issue is browser support for timing tests. Some browsers support it, but it's not standard.

clarke: Some basic timing features would be useful and would meet this requirement.
... If in test tool or code, you can say START TIMER and STOP TIMER

giuseppe: Problem is the response you get from JavaScript is not precise enough, so you need better support.

mav: Are there two outputs to this use case: 1. to spec missing API and 2. Suggest where to use performance testing

giuseppe: Yes. The two outputs go to two different groups.
... Please provide comments on the use case to the list

clarke: closes meeting

<Clarke> Thanks for scribing, Mark

feel free to correct any errors.

<giuseppep> draft minutes

<giuseppep> RSSAgent, draft minutes

<giuseppep> made logs world-visible

<giuseppep> draft minutes

<giuseppep> Chair: Clarke

Summary of Action Items

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