25 Mar 2013

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Jeanne, Jan, Greg, Jutta, Alex
Tim_B., Cherie_E.
Jutta Treviranus


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JT: We have a short agenda today and lots of work to do

<scribe> scribe: Jan

1. Re-chartering update (Jeanne)

JS: Draft charter has been turned in and is starting on process
... But no comments back yet

JT: Issues expected?

JS: Prob timelines ....there are always comments

2. Implementation report (Jan)

JT: Next major work...


JR: Please send your info

JT: OVer the last few months there have been discussions of many exemplars
... Since Greg, Alex are here...can we talk about some possibilities?

GP: I will take a stab at the indesign column...

JS: Are there specific things InDesign excels at?
... Are there specific things InDesign excels at?

GP: Excels at accessible content production.

JT: Areas we need?

JR: Especially templates

AL: Why 2010?

JR: Out of date

AL: We have 2013 out
... Off top of my head...
... B4.1.1 should be yes
... Possible Cherie and I could look at it

JR: Is Sharepoint still the right tool

AL: Will defer to Cherie

JT: Alex and Greg can you commit to giving us some more entries over the next 2 wks (by Apr 8)

GP: Yes, will do?
... Yes, will do

AL: Need to talk to Cherie

JS: Could you do other tools?

AL: Will see...resources...lots of other things going on

Plenary program (China 2013)

JS: I updated Judy that we want to be on the agenda
... TPAC Wiki has not opened yet
... Will still use structured unconference format...which makes it easier for us to get on the agenda

JT: Other things to discuss today?

Review the SCs where there are no known implementations

<jeanne> JR: A.1.1.1 we don't have an AAA

<jeanne> AL: We can mirror the language in WCAG about sites which do not implement AAA

AL: Mirror WCAG AAA language

<jeanne> A.1.2.1. and A.1.2.2 Amaya, Open Office

<jeanne> A.2.2.1 looking for examples of icons marking spelling or other corrections.

<jeanne> GP: Dreamweaver has moved away from that, but there are still some.

<jeanne> A.3.3.1 need video editing tools that don't play right away.

<jeanne> JS: What about Flash and Premiere? Wouldn't they meet it.

<jeanne> ... also new IBM tool for captioning videos

<jeanne> A.3.2.2 need examples of adjustable timing.

<jeanne> B.2.4 and B.2.5 we need examples of accessibile templates and accessible content like UI widget libraries.

<jeanne> B.4.1.3 Feature Deactivation warning - most tools don't allow it.

<jeanne> JS: Wordpress and Drupal have templates. I need to check if the Drupal templates are more about the user intereface rather than user document templates.

JT: Maybe also talk to EO about showing off example implementations

<jeanne> JT: Talk to EO about ATAG compliant tools. Could we start a thread of ATAG compliant tools and what is available.

JT: Next call Apr 8

Summary of Action Items

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