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18 Mar 2013


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<PhilA> zakim this will be egov

<PhilA> scribe: Gwyn_S

what is shortcut for names again?

<josema> are there any slides available for the talks today?

<PhilA> Begin typing their IRC name and then hit tab

yes, slides?

Open Government Data in Uganda, Julius Torach, National Information Technology Authority, Uganda

<carlosiglesias> have a look at: http://www.w3.org/egov/wiki/Main_Page

<PhilA> Julius' slides http://www.w3.org/egov/wiki/images/f/fd/Open_Governance_-_Uganda.pdf

Julius: was created by Ugandan Gov, intro following other parliamentary acts such as e-signature act

<elsa_> yes - there are 2 set of slides available here: http://irc.w3.org/?channels=egov in Upcoming Meetings - see 18th March

JT_: moving toward more licencing for software, more data standanrds, and also working on data portal
... the data standards are shared among gov't agencies, and we have a forum for sharing, but needs to be made relevant as information among agencies and for citizens
... civil society is involved in e-gov because of the importance in transparancy. also involved in development of apps
... one major problem is cost for connectivity, we have been relying on satellite connections, and softare is also expensive. open data and e-gov can help civil society can help in surmounting these hurdles


<PhilA> http://www.w3.org/TR/vocab-dcat/

<PhilA> http://joinup.ec.europa.eu/asset/dcat_application_profile/description

PhilA: you mention describing describing data sets in your portal... have you seen the vocab we are using (see link provided by Phil)

<elsa_> I would like to ask if he can provide examples of initiatives they have developed for promoting the development of apps and local content

<Zakim> josema, you wanted to talk about challenges wrt policy reform


<Tomasz> slides for the next presentation - http://www.w3.org/egov/wiki/images/5/5b/Open_government_data_5.pdf

<zamira> My question is how data security issues will be addressed?

JT_: example of local projects/using data have been ones which have translated websites into local languages. there are still more planned as we work on the data portals
... data security acts are forthcoming

do we have your email? not on slide

Open Government Data - W3C Discussion Summary, Tomasz Janowski, United Nations University

<PhilA> -> Tomasz's slides http://www.w3.org/egov/wiki/images/7/74/Open_government_data_4.pdf

Tomasz: summarizing 20cases of open gov data by going back to roadmap... prelim analysis
... slide 3: purpose of roadmap organized themes and outcomes of interest group re: the bigger picture
... slide 4: the 'how dimension' we formulated different questions about the lifecycle, process, etc. of research and practice. It is about the mechanics
... slide 5: the'why dimension' we looked at sustainability, benefits, policy objectives
... slide 6: the 'where dimension' looked at implemention in regions/countries such as maturity, legal/institutional frameworks, culture, local conditions
... side 7: 'the what dimension' the conceptualization of open gov data
... slide 8: the matrix of all dimensions
... slide 9: the roadmap
... slide 10: review of 20 cases since oct 2012
... con't slide 11
... now applying the matrix dimensions ex: Local Colorado (slide 12)
... each case analyzed by matrix dimensions slides 12-31

slides are so organized. my notes will just confuse things.

<Christian_OKF_> Everybody, I will have to leave for another call. Good to meet you all, I look forward to the next call.

<PhilA> More info on the CKAN/Drupal work - OGPL - in which Jeanne plays a central role http://ogpl.gov.in/

Tomasz: slide 33 analysis framework
... slide 34/35 representing findings of 'what dimension'
... slide 36/37 representing 'why dimension' both results and graph
... slide 38/39 results of 'how dimension'
... slide 40/41 results of 'where dimension'
... conclusion and open for questions

Q: can this data/results be used to develop policy guidelines?

<PhilA> I'd like to record my thanks to Tomasz, and I suspect Elsa, for doing all this work

<elsa_> Many thanks Phil!

<PhilA> Gwyn_S: When you put everything together, did anything pop out for you that there are other things we need to be looking at?

Tomasz: yes, I think it can.
... we plan to do surveys as well and correlate results

<PhilA> Tomasz: This kind of discussion can continue in a Community Group

can I ask a follow up?

<PhilA> Gwyn_S: Can I ask something that we ask our presenters - what impact has the work had?

I'm interested in a sort of feedback loop aspect for this group

<PhilA> Tomasz: It wasn't possible for us to determine the impact of every case

<PhilA> http://www.w3.org/community/about/

great presentation Tomasz (and group). thanks for the summary and initial findings

<zamira> It would be useful also to investigate how differ challenges in developed and developing countries. I guess they might be quit different...

<zamira> challenges in Open data and Open Gov initiatives

<Brand_NIemann> Excellent, Tomasz!