11 Mar 2013


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Jeanne, Jan, Jutta, +1.571.765.aaaa, Greg, Tim_Boland
Cherie_E, Alex_Li_(likely)
Jutta Treviranus


<scribe> scribe: Jan

TPAC idea

JS: WCAG is now a 4 host org...should added a University in China
... Next years TPAC will be in Shenzhen China
... In early Nov.
... We are asking a little early

JT: Any other accessibility working groups to be there?

JS: Yes
... Plus we are expecting 200+ local developers to attend.
... PF, WCAG, EO to meet there.
... Also trying to have UA meet there.

JT: Should we have a meeting there?

GP: I know they are not part of this working group, there will be some other Adobe folks there....but I may not be able to attend.

TB: Sounds like good meeting, but will have to check budgetr

JT: Is a WG meeting the only mechanism?... what about having an education and outrach type activity?

JS: Yes that's possible ... I sent an idea like that for UAAG to Judy
... EO will be holding open meeting...we are thinking the same for UA

TB: Idea might be to channel our activities through the EO group.
... Would look good to have all the groups' work prersented together

JT: When do we need to formulate a response?

JS: Need rough idea this week.
... We need to start the fund raising

JT: Do we want to hold a meeting there?

JR: It does seem like many WAI groups are meeting there

JT: I feel like whatever we do there....there should be outreach activities

JS: Most of the other WGs will be lightly attended...and focussed on outreach
... A 9am meeting in Shenshen is 8pm eastern time...5pm West Coast
... Will be testing at that time

JT: We have had a number of potential Chinese members, who just can't make it

to our usual call

JT: Tentative conclusion is that we will have some presence there...some kind of outreach...

JR: So perhaps a few of our members would attend in person...
... Would run outreach activities there...and also on a couple of day 9am-noon (8pm-11pm ET) WG meetings

JT: Yes
... How do we get onto the plenary presentation agenda?

JS: Harder....in recent years its been an unconference
... In advance there has been a topic wiki
... Not sure if they will do that in China

JT: Please investigate how we get onto the Wed plenary agenda


<jeanne> ACTION: Jeanne to investigate how to get an ATAG presentation on the Wednesday plenary agenda. [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2013/03/11-au-minutes.html#action01]

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1. Re-chartering survey results:


<jeanne> Resolution: In the new charter, remove the dependency on WCAG and UAAG.

Resolution: Agree on 4 weeks to finalize tests

Milestone for Proposed Recommendation - Part 1: Assembling Implementation List: 2 months

Milestone for Proposed Recommendation - Part 2: Testing the products

Discussion of numbers of tools required for CR

JR prefers less tools

JT: So for last milestone...you were thinking much more time?

JR: Figure of a year came up

JS: I don't want that, but ARIA has been testing for almost 2 years
... WCAG testing ...was it a year?

JT: At least

JS: One major thing is that we've already written the tests

JT: Can we move faster than the milestone?

JS: Would be ok

JT: OK, so why don't we go with a year here

JS: ok



JT: I will be sending a msg out re: final approval of the tests

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Jeanne to investigate how to get an ATAG presentation on the Wednesday plenary agenda. [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2013/03/11-au-minutes.html#action01]
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