Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

30 Jan 2013


Vivienne, Simon, Shadi, Klaus, Justin, Annika, Markel, Yehya, Christos, Markku, Peter, Yeliz
Luz, Giorgio, Silvia, David, Kerstin


Continue Mobile Note Para-by-Para Review

SH: Review starting with Section 3

Peter: Section 3 has changed, we should skip, return to it later

SH: Section 4.1 is okay

<peter> yup

SH: copy right sign on trade mark names

<peter> https://bitbucket.org/sharpic/rdwg-note/issue/20/copyright-trade-mark-names-ie-42

SH: section 4.2 and 4.3 are reasonable

<peter> https://bitbucket.org/sharpic/rdwg-note/issue/21/5-research-roadmap-avoid-over-using-miss

SAZ: roardmap may be is not appropriate here, it is usually broader than we have! SAZ will come back again on this point

<yeliz> It might be better to use another term, if people agree

<mhakkinen> +1 agenda

<Vivienne> I prefer Agenda also

Christos: suggests Agenda instead of roadmap

<peter> 1+

<peter> (forget that plus one :)

SAZ: it is more a refelction. Agenda is similar to roadmap

YY: DIscussion section

SH: does not like discussion

<yeliz> I would be OK with that

peter: Future directions

<yeliz> as well

<yeliz> +1

<peter> +1 future directions


<mhakkinen> +1

<christos> +

<Vivienne> +1

SH: change the current future directions to something else

<peter> https://bitbucket.org/sharpic/rdwg-note/issue/21/5-research-roadmap-rename-to-future

YY: maybe we do not need the current section title "future directions"

<yeliz> +1 I agree

<markel> sounds good

<peter> yup

Vivian: Unified web paragraph: changes to ubiquitous ...

<peter> yup

Vivian: second sentence ... there are many ..

<yeliz> +1

<peter> +1

<peter> yup

<yeliz> Good idea

Markel: people with disability instead of disabled people

Vivian: There are discussions about this issue.

<peter> https://bitbucket.org/sharpic/rdwg-note/issue/22/5-research-roadmap-minor-edits-vivienne

SAZ: current writing style "people with disabilities". SAZ will double check with Shawn

<peter> https://bitbucket.org/sharpic/rdwg-note/issue/23/5-research-roadmap-disabled-people-to

<christos> +q

Vivia: can platforms become smarter?

<peter> sure +1

<Vivienne> ok+1

<peter> (makes it a bit clearer)

<markel> +1

<peter> yup

<Justin> +1

<mhakkinen> +1 strong (not bold)

Christos: bold the starting of the paragaphs in this section

<yeliz> Thanks, Markel, that's because different people worked on different sections:)

<peter> yup

<markel> especially "Desktop" and "Mobile"

Markel: Inconsistency in the use of mobile web vs. Web, World Wide Web

<yeliz> yes

SH: Section " Future Appoaches" word behind!

<yeliz> I will try

SH: Section 6 "Conclusions"
... Any additional references?

<peter> https://bitbucket.org/sharpic/rdwg-note/issue/24/5-research-roadmap-bold-sub-sub-sections

<peter> https://bitbucket.org/sharpic/rdwg-note/issue/25/5-research-roadmap-check-consistency

Markku: there many to add Markku will send ...

<markel> http://mobile-accessibility.di.fc.ul.pt

<peter> I'll add an issue to add that

<peter> https://bitbucket.org/sharpic/rdwg-note/issue/26/add-these-references

SH: Discussion about the appendencies!

<markel> I'm fine with the appendix

SAZ: due to length we could have them separately

<markel> I would leave them there

SH: keeping them in there make the a holostic reading possible

<yeliz> better to keep them

<Justin> keep therm in

<peter> could we have both? linkable would also be nice?

<yeliz> +1 keep them

<peter> true good point

SH: linakble with anker!

<mhakkinen> +1 keep

<christos> +1 keep them

<yeliz> Simon, updated version is here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3040203/RDWG%20Mobile%20Note.html

SAZ: will check with the W3C copy right

<peter> (thanks Yeliz!)

<peter> (shadi would you like a bitbucket issue on the copy right bit?)

<peter> Yup - it's good

<yeliz> We checked that

<yeliz> :0

<yeliz> :)

<yeliz> :)

SH: go to section 3

<yeliz> it would be good to add reference to RIAM project

<yeliz> :)

<yeliz> under paper 3

<sharper> syncing ->synchronising

<sharper> them often -> them, often (?)

<sharper> with neither very -> both neither very

<sharper> ?

<yeliz> We need to add references to this section

<yeliz> :)

<sharper> need to make sure we enunciate AT and API at the start

<shadi> some character coding issues on my setting

<shadi> eg "browser combinations‚&#x20ac;&#x2122; are by using"

<markel> I think the character encoding problem happens because the file is not hosted on a web server

<annika> clarify, is HTML(5) the same as HTML5?

<sharper> probably expand the RIAM acronym

<peter> annika - hmm right, HTML5 was renamed to HTML but people know the spec as HTML5. Do we think HTML5 or HTML or HTML(5)?

<markel> yes

Yehya: or make RIAM a clikable link

<christos> yes

<peter> Yup - adding now

<shadi> keep "HTML5" http://www.w3.org/TR/html5/

<peter> righto :)

Yehya: UAAG2 should as well become clickable link

<shadi> yeliz, please link to "intro pages" like http://www.w3.org/WAI/intro/uaag

<yeliz> OK, I think it would be good if Peter can create an issue about this so that we check all of them

SH: Section 3 seems to be okay!

<peter> yup - will add an issues (globally throughout doc)

<Justin> +q

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/2012/mobile/#proceedings

Justin: adding the workshop name and date

SAZ: adding the affilliation of the authors

<sharper> E. Woodward and B. Cragun. Accessible security for mobile. In Y. Y. Simon Harper, Peter Thiessen, editor, W3C WAI RDWG Symposium on Mobile Web Accessibility, page article 1, 2012.

<shadi> Paper 1: E. Woodward and B. Cragun. Accessible security for mobile.

<peter> I've always liked the scalability of bullet points

SAZ: I would not hyperlink the whole thing

<markel> :-D

<christos> +1 for bullet points

<shadi> Paper 1: _Accessible security for mobile_ (E. Woodward and B. Cragun.)

<peter> scalability -> scannability :)

<peter> sorry &#x2026; too much coffee etc.

<Justin> not enough coffee

<peter> :)

<shadi> Paper 1: _Accessible security for mobile_ (E. Woodward and B. Cragun 2012)

SAZ: making them as references e.g. [1]

<peter> +1 what SH just said

<Justin> As a academic drone, I too like references :)

SH: or as a cademic references (Author 2012)

<sharper> Paper 1: _Accessible security for mobile_ (E. Woodward and B. Cragun 2012)

<Justin> +1

<klaus> +1

<Vivienne> +1

<yeliz> What is the alternative, ?

<sharper> +1


<christos> +1

<peter> +1 (willing to let bullet points go)

<yeliz> +1

<markel> +1

<peter> noted - adding issue


<peter> *will post remaining issues in irc log momentarily

<peter> https://bitbucket.org/sharpic/rdwg-note/issue/27/3-current-research-double-check-character

<peter> https://bitbucket.org/sharpic/rdwg-note/issue/28/3-current-research-html-html-5-rename-to

<peter> https://bitbucket.org/sharpic/rdwg-note/issue/29/3-current-research-make-acronyms-clickable

<peter> https://bitbucket.org/sharpic/rdwg-note/issue/30/3-current-research-update-reference-style

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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