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30 Jan 2013

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Jo, Chaals, Tobie, Giri, rtshilston


<trackbot> Date: 30 January 2013

<scribe> scribe: chaals

Advance coremob 2012 to final?

<jo> http://coremob.github.com/coremob-2012/ED-coremob-20130123.html -> Pre Final Draft -> Coremob 2012 Final Draft

TL: Finished the references, haven't pushed changes.

… there are changes only on database, and not in document itself.

… was email from Bryan, and others.

… Saying it makes sense to point out that Last Call specs should be differentiated from other Working Drafts

… Agree, and plan to check the documents.

JR: Be warned that some documents have many last calls...

TL: It goes hand in hand with updating the bibliography so makes sense anyway.

… Finally, six comments came last night from Giri

… Four have already been decided, two comments to address.

… 1. Term 'implementation' is not clearly defined - wanted to have ??, OS and CPU

… 2. About number of Frames/sec for animated sprites to display

<jo> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-coremob/2013Jan/0043.html -> Giri's comments and tobie's response

Giri: Didn't understand why ?? wasn't a principal requirement

TL: Didn't - we have requirements derived from the use cases, and this is not a bidirectional relationship.

Giri: OK, that's the philosophy. Other point for discussion

… Geolocation. Think there is a difference between conformance for use cases and conformance to the spec. Geolocation is an example.

… There is nothing compelling in implementation to use the most accurate technology available. If your implementation ignores that, we should not state that implementation is conformant.

TL: Think I addressed part of that in email. It is not for coremob to decide on conformance for a working group.

… don't think we need to go further in the discussion. But there are valid reasons not to provide best data possible, e.g. for saving battery. Or to preserve privacy as a user.

Giri: You're not supporting the use case if you don't provide an accurate location.

<gmandyam> +q

CMN: Agree with Giri's principle, that if the defined conformance is not sufficient for the use case, we should state that conformance tothe spec is insufficient.

… but geolocation data is private, and if people choose a device or use it in a way to reduce the information I don't think there is an issue here.

JR: Think quality of location is aquality of implementation issue, and they are out of scope except where specifically called out.

… we know this is an issue to which we will need to return. But if it is OK for now, can we move on.

Giri: OK, makes sense. And Tobie has agreed to relax the framerate requirement. As an informative note, privacy applications don't allow users to set accuracy.

[There are implementations that allow users to specifically change their resolution]

TL: My new device (iPhone) asked if I wanted to use geolocation services

Giri: That's not the same as accuracy.

TL: Giri, you happy with changes I proposed for the last point?

Giri: Yes.

TL: Good - thanks for raising that. Will do the changes.

JR: Think that is an editorial clarification, not a substantive change - so go for it.
... Any further comments to make before a resolution is taken?

CMN: Noted that there was a discussion on fullscreen API / View-modes media. Where did that end?

TL: Note that fullscreen spec expects user-input to go into fullscreen mode.

… thought I had addressed that on the mailing list.

<jo> PROPOSED RESOLUTION: The CG requests the chair to advance the status of Coremob - 2012 to "Final"

CMN: There are some specs covering part of the requirements - but there is a lack of clarity. At the same time, we should be aware that there seems to be a consensus that for security fullscreening without the user approving explicitly is unlikelyto be allowed. So I think we can leave this issue for now although it should arise for coremob2013
... [+1 to proposed resolution]

<jo> PROPOSED RESOLUTION: The CG requests the chair to advance the status of Coremob - 2012 to "Final" modulo editorial change on frame rate and correction of references

RESOLUTION: The CG requests the chair to advance the status of Coremob - 2012 to "Final" modulo editorial changes on frame rate and correction of references

[Champagne flows freely]

JR: Given low attendance, there is action item checking. I propose to do that and then ask for forgiveness.

TL: The next year I will be a W3C fellow working on testing, so will be unable to edit coremob specs.

… Coremob document of this year is used as the basis, along with WebTV and Mobile profiling documents, of W3C's testing effort, which is a good endorsement of the work we have done.

<jo> PROPOSED RESOLUTION: The CG Congratulates Tobie on his appointment as W3C Fellow and thanks him for his efforts as principal Coremob editor

CMN: [+1 to proposal]

RESOLUTION: The CG Congratulates Tobie on his appointment as W3C Fellow and thanks him for his efforts as principal Coremob editor

JR: (But please do the last set of changes before you leave...)
... Think it is important for the CG to align with the new initiative, and we will need to change our charter with regard to testing.

… I am in discussion with W3C on the nature of that change, and hope to have some conclusions in the next few weeks.

… I think we have already delivered a good contribution - thanks everyone.

Adjourned (more on charter will follow on the list)

(And thanks to FT for the phone bridge)

<jo> thanks to chaals for scribing and to Financial Times for providing telecon facilities

<rtshilston> You're most welcome to have used the conference facilities.

Summary of Action Items

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