User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Teleconference

22 Jan 2013

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Jim_Allan, Jeanne


<trackbot> Date: 22 January 2013

Use Cases

full featured browsers who conform

full featured browsers who are missing a few SC, but have extensions that could conform.

extensions and plugins that provides a feature or subset of features to a full functioning user agent (browser)

note: media players fit here. Maybe pdf reader

<allanj> single purpose app that the user interface and the content interface is the same

question: do want to have UAAG conformance for those extensions and plugins?

-- we eliminated AT, because it couldn't conform because it was specialized.

-- maybe different because they become part of the browser

<allanj> we added extensions, they are part of the user interface

<allanj> modify the behavior of the UA

JS: What do we gain from certifying extensions and plugins? It is making things very complicated

<allanj> an extension does nothing without being connected to the browser

<allanj> AT is stand alone and doesn't need a browser to function

JS: but they do become part of the user interface, and therefore need to be conformant when installed. So possibly follow the ATAG model of saying they can't block conformance of the full featured user agent.
... they can't modify the user interface so that they make it inaccessible.

<allanj> AT can be inaccessible, they are providing access to a particular class of people. should be possible for an extension to do the same

extension partial conformance

<allanj> mouseless browsing

<allanj> meets SC XXX

<allanj> install a shortcut key

<allanj> it is configurable

<allanj> changes the user interface

<allanj> partial conformance claim: when plugged into UA ZYX, it meets SC xxx

use case of the user agent that works on one platform but not another

UNKNOWN_SPEAKER: that's covered pretty well.

Apps as User Agents

American Airlines app

scribe: constrained content (covered by Jan's proposal)

JA: The user interface and the content interface are all you get. There is no more. They are the same, it's the only interface you get.

<allanj> works on phone, only reads AA data,

<allanj> user interacts with the controls,

media players could also fit here, that I think it fits better with extensions, because it can only do one thing, while apps can do many, many things.

scribe: apps for Skype, Facebook, games, weather report, instant messaging etc. Apps are different that media players, IMO.

Apps can full featured apps that conform. Example, Facebook app on mobile covers all different types of media.

JA: Facebook on Android doesn't have font size adjustment, which means it can't comply on the Android, because Android doesn't have zoom.

<allanj> app are fully conformant then gets rated a a full browser

Use Case: App that needs the platform features to be conformant, e.g. zoom.

scribe: Facebook app on iOS can zoom, but Android cannot, so Facebook on Android is not accessible to low vision users, or my husband without his reading glasses.
... I think this is covered by Jan's platform proposal

Use case: Apps with constrained content, like the American Airlines app.

<allanj> UAWG will be finding 2 implementations for each SC, and will have to test/document/track each one for every SC

JS: Apps on the iOS can zoom, but the zoom has to be enabled. The American Airlines app on the iOS loging page doesn't zoom. The Music player app doesn't zoom. The text is too small and doesn't increase. Not accessible.

<allanj> zaikim, please part

JS: Large fonts on iOS platform settings are not applied to apps, not Facebook, not Linked In, or on Music player. They were applied to Notepad, but not the Notepad dates, which stayed in the small system font.

Summary of Action Items

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