Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

16 Jan 2013

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Shadi, Simon, David, Klaus, Silvia, Yeliz, Markel, Annika
Peter, Vivienne, Giorgio, Markku, Yehya, Kerstin, Shawn


Mobile Note Para-by-Para Review

SH: any concerns with going paragraph-by-paragraph?

SAZ: sometimes need to go back and look at the bigger picture, flow, or such

SH: absolutely, emphasis is on the core message rather than typographics


YY: Shawn had comment on citation


<yeliz> yes

SAZ: W3C Manual of Style has section on citation that we need to follow

SH: will add to the guidance for document editors

<yeliz> we don't know

<yeliz> that

<yeliz> :)

<yeliz> we don't know if it is good or bad

<yeliz> :))

SAZ: the word "sophisticated" sticks out
... will comment separately on such wording stuff

SH: maybe good to clarify

<yeliz> We refer them in the future directions part

<yeliz> Under "research roadmap"

SAZ: only reference existing work but there is more in development

SH: maybe too much for the abstract

SAZ: maybe link to the MWI "roadmap" rather than enumerate all the work


DS: maybe better to scope what "mobile devices" are
... smart phones but maybe also portable computers?
... is it just mobility aspect or also location services in such devices?


SH: agree, could define them as how MWBP define them

<yeliz> I did, thanks David

DS: assertion about iOS in paragraph 3 needs qualification
... otherwise may seem biased
... also typo "accessibility community"

YY: what specifically is the issue?

SH: "excellent accessibility features"

<yeliz> Thanks, David

SAZ: maybe stay more objective, like "built-in" rather than "excellent"
... also here we have focus on "existing standards" only
... actually here is only subset of that too
... seems to be issue throughout

YY: these are specific examples

SAZ: maybe need to scope the standards we are considering
... rather than enumerate a different list each time

<yeliz> yes, I will do that

YY: not sure fully understand
... was not the scope of the symposium

SH: think understand the issue, will discuss the editors

DS: maybe be explicit about when the symposium took place?
... to give a sense of time and currency


YY: something specific changed?

DS: difficult to say but may change over time
... gives chronological order

YY: seems very relevant to all Notes

DS: yes, agree with that

[[Related Work]]

DS: list of references has no apparent order
... may need a specific order style
... maybe chronological or alphabetical

YY: agree, will add to issues list

DS: wonder about the choice of study to back the statement "disabled users experience many difficulties when they access the web"

YY: many studies, suggestions?

DS: most general one, maybe don't need a specific assertion
... maybe the focus needs to be on contrasting challenges on the desktop versus on the Web?
... could bypass the need to have references for such a generic statement

[[2.1 Mobile Technology and Accessibility]]

<dave> +1 to shadi

SAZ: observation that paragraph 1 seems to be defining and scoping things that are relevant to the entire document
... may get lost there under "related work" and "mobile technology and accessibility" headings

DS: maybe good to clarify that some features are easier to invoke and work with than others

YY: very difficult to find studies about usability of features

DS: maybe can say that there is less data

YY: say something about that earlier on
... but maybe too specific and not backed with scientific work

SAZ: not specific to mobile alone, also on the desktop accessibility features may be easier or more difficult to use
... maybe can extrapolate experience from desktop and assume that is similar on mobile?
... know that WAI-AGE literature review looked at easy of use of accessibility features for older people

YY: can find references for desktop, there are several

[[2.2 Mobile Accessibility Guidelines]]

DS: maybe can separate out an "evaluation" sub-section?

[[2.3 Mobile Interaction Models]]

SAZ: focus on mobile phones only? tablets? laptops?

YY: can look at the MWBP definition though may be a little outdated
... agree need to scope the term

SAZ: agree may be outdated

YY: need to separate from ubiquitous devices

<Zakim> dave, you wanted to comment on 2.3. para 3

DS: "Many studies show that small device users benefit from haptic feedback [...] Similarly, haptic feedback is also used on mobile devices in the form of vibro-tactile display"
... may need to be reworded for clarity

YY: agree
... can continue from section 3 next time

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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