eGov Interest Group (Atlantic)

11 Jan 2013

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Announcements, Call for Speakers, Conferences

<andrewhoppin> we'll be screensharing at: https://join.me/newamsterdam so feel free to join there any time

Jeanne: Meetings restructured this past year, collecting ideas for topics
... Putting out an open call for speakers for egov
... January 21 Hong Kong time next meeting
... Expand our series on open data in the next few meetings then look at additional topics
... Daniel Bennet leading the group on Social Networking
... Need a leader for Open Data group

<DanielBennett> aaoo is Daniel Bennett

Jeanne: WWW Conference 2013 Brazil looking for speakers

Open Source Platforms Options for Opend Data Publishing (Andrew Hoppin)

<DanielBennett> my id got in the way of my is(being)

Andrew Hoppin

<Jeanne_> Andrew Hoppins' screenshare http://join.me/newamsterdam

<Adrian> Second talk slides at http://www.reengineeringllc.com/A_Wiki_for_Executable_Open_Vocabulary_English_w3c_egov.pdf

<DanielBennett> fan of join.me

<Jeanne_> Andrew's slides are at http://www.w3.org/egov/wiki/images/f/f1/W3C_OpenSource_OpenData.pdf

andrewhoppin: Background - small team in NYS working on Open Source platforms
... developing software open data for local and state governments
... SAAS and Hosted Solutions delivered by Socrata(?)
... CKAN and Open Data Philly are existing platforms available for local governments
... New platforms options DKAN, Open Government Platform (OGPL) best of Drupal, best of CKAN
... Help to Publish, customize, store and manage data
... Data users to explore, collaborate, use, and extend data & systems
... Open source matters - no lockin, security transparency, open formats and standards, innovation, hosting options, cost

<Jeanne_> andrewhoppin: The CKAN open source is available via http://ckan.org/

andrewhoppin: 2012 big year for CKAN - significant use growth
... Data.gov to be CKAN +Drupal
... Why Drupal - open source, already used widely, hosting and consulting support, large skilled user community
... New DKAN is Drupal-native CKAN
... DKAN - replicate CKAN in Drupal without Python dependence
... DKAN benefits - extensible, rapid new development, mature platform, broad support, cloud and local hosting options, integrates DMS & CMS
... Data isn't static but both real-time changing and augmentable
... participants (Senators), events, are all non-static data

alexbyrnes: Alex Byrnes - lots of Open Source development experiences...
... CKAN widely used as a CMS that understands meta-data
... CKAN plug-in features and federation options
... CKAN use case is Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) Data Hub - central agency with constituent agencies
... CKAN foundation standard for other system
... CKAN API benefits - federation, create new UIs on top of API, open source
... Quibbles about CKAN API - Solr queries, Empty POST data required for some calls, should be standalone project
... Better for CKAN to be an essential Open Data tool instead of monolithic hub software

<Jeanne_> Andrew's slides are at http://www.w3.org/egov/wiki/images/f/f1/W3C_OpenSource_OpenData.pdf

andrewhoppin: We have close relationship with CKAN and provide feedback

<andrewhoppin> actually that was alexbyrnes saying that, but I concur :)

<aaron_c> Aaron Couch

aaron_c: Aaron Couch - DKAN deployed for city of Chicago

<alexbyrnes> not at all. it's a good point.

aaron_c: Found limitations with CKAN that would be easily satisfied with Drupal
... Folks integrating CKAN with Drupal, with Wordpress... why not replicate the features of CKAN using Drupal

<aaron_c> http://dkan.nuamsdev.com/

aaron_c: Live Demo of DKAN at http://dkan.nuamsdev.com/

<aaron_c> http://drupal.org/project/dkan

<aaron_c> http://demo.ckan.org/

aaron_c: Goal is DCAN feature parity with CKAN
... DKAN has all of Drupals CMS, I18N, etc. features
... Example of how easy it is to publish a dataset using DKAN
... DKAN API is mimicing the CKAN API as much as possible
... DKAN supports RDF and hopefully other microformats to be "unlocked"

PhilA2: Want kind of demand and requests do you get from your DKAN users? What are your next steps? OLD?

aaron_c: We are focusing on DKAN datastore api to make it compatible with CKAN and extending Drupal support for schema.org microformats
... Metadata currently available in RDF, but need to focus on more... moving quickly and will update egov wrt progress

PhilA2: CKAN, DKAN, schema.org extension all of interest... metadata about datasets is critical to being able to find datasets
... Talking with schema.org wrt vocabulary development to meet needs of various stakeholders

aaron_c: Goal is consumer end-points for data being published out of DKAN including RDF, etc.

<andrewhoppin> DKAN is an open collaborative project on so we welcome any and all code contributions / patches / issue report / feature requests on drupal.org/project/DKAN

PhilA2: Do you mean microformat or microdata?

aaron_c: Microdata.

<DanielBennett> check your mute

<BartvanLeeuwen> skip my question

<Jeanne_> Thanks Bart.

<BartvanLeeuwen> Jeanne_, how does this relate to the opengovplatform ?

<PhilA2> +1 to andrewhoppin on modularity

andrewhoppin: Looking forward to CKAN, DKAN functionality being available as modular services rather than monolithic hubs

<PhilA2> The eGov IG mailing list is open to all

<PhilA2> Mailing list archives etc at http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-egov-ig/

<BartvanLeeuwen> Jeanne_, thx

A Wiki for Executable Open Vocabulary English (Adrian Walker)

<Jeanne_> Adrian Walker's slides are at http://www.reengineeringllc.com/A_Wiki_for_Executable_Open_Vocabulary_English_w3c_egov.pdf

Adrian: Adrian Walker of Reengineering LLC
... Smart connections: executable english apps to connect non-tech people to OLD
... Smart connections: 400,000 dataset plus extraction tools need applications to give meaning to data
... Wiki for contect - non-tech user writes business rules in english, rules result in english results
... Wiki for content: vocabulary is open, no dictionary maintenance, strict semantics via declarations, jargons & terms supported
... Example of semantically linked DOE data
... Avoids the natural language query problem of users straying off topic with their queries
... Addendum: Rules generated questions avoids the natural....
... Natural-language based applications can be indexed by Google and searched on

<DanielBennett> check your phone connection Bart

Adrian: Summary - non-technical users can write app to execute in their browsers to access and manipulate OLD, which are then accessible via search engines

<Gwyn_Sutherlin> +q

There is an overview paper at: www.reengineeringllc.com/A_Wiki_for_Business_Rules_in_Open_Vocabulary_Executable_English.pdf

Java client is available at: http://www.Reengineeringllc.com/iblclient1.Java

Adrian: WRT language choice, Google indexes whatever we write. whether in English or in Russian

??: What about a language that has no nouns and/or no numbers?

Adrian: Not a problem for his system, but may require a variation on the system specific to the unique characteristics of the language and its grammar

* who asked the language questions? sorry, bad with voices

<Gwyn_Sutherlin> gwyn

Adrian: Three types of Semantics - semantics of inference, semantics of data, semantics of ....

<DanielBennett> thanks to all the speakers

<Gwyn_Sutherlin> thanks, great talks

Jeanne: Thanks to all

<Adrian> Oops semantics of inference (not influence)

<Adrian> and semantics of English. Thanks.

@Adrian: thanks

<DanielBennett> yes, please help out. thanks Jeanne

<BartvanLeeuwen> ths Jeanne_

<BartvanLeeuwen> thx Jeanne_

<Jeanne_> Thanks to all of our speakers, participants, and to Brian and Phil for scribing and facilitating.