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10 Jan 2013


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<BartvanLeeuwen> hi bhyland

<bhyland> Hi Bart! Happy new year to you

<HadleyBeeman> Hi all

<BartvanLeeuwen> yeah and a safe one to you !

<bhyland> yes, repairs are done & additional smoke detectors will be installed next week… hoping for a smoke free 2013

<bhyland> conference code 45394# ("GLDWG")

<HadleyBeeman> thanks, bhyland! :)

<HadleyBeeman> bhyland, i'm surprised that adddress isn't released as open data

<PhilA2> up the lurkers!

<BenediktKaempgen> Thanks!

<bhyland> no, not that I know of Dave

<bhyland> How are you trying to get in? Web UI?

<scribe> scribe:fadmaa

<bhyland> Agenda: http://www.w3.org/2011/gld/wiki/Meetings:Telecon20130110

PhilA: we might hear news regarding a second chair next week

PROPOSAL: accept minutes of last meeting http://www.w3.org/2011/gld/meeting/2012-12-20

<bhyland> +1

<BartvanLeeuwen> +1

<agipap> +1

RESOLUTION: accept the minutes


<bhyland> All, please review http://www.w3.org/TR/vocab-regorg/ at your convenience this month.

philA: we hope to get increasing use of the RegOrg ontology

<bhyland> … Netherlands Fire Dept is beginning to use it.

agipap: started before christmas working on modeling data we have using the core Organisation ontology using RegOrg. expect some results next month

<PhilA> It's a pretty simply vocab to be honest ;-)

bhyland: encourage reviewing ontologies we are working on continuously esp. Org ontology

<bhyland> Bart: Beginning to work RegOrg for local chamber of commerce site. Not being used by official gov't site yet

BartvanLeeuwen: where should question re. ontology go?

PhilA: public comment mailing list

Quick update on Org Vocab

<bhyland> … by DaveReynolds

<PhilA> The public mailing list for comments on our deliverables is public-gld-comments@w3.org

DaveReynolds: we captured issues particularly from provenance group. next step to me is to look at them and propose resolutions

bhyland: we have lost some people in this working group including Michael Hausenblas

What do individuals want to get out of the WG?

bhyland: let's see what people like to see things done from our charter in the remaining next 5 months

agipap: I find the Best practices document very helpful
... it already helped us in our work and we finished a publication with its help recently

BartvanLeeuwen: I'd like to see the vocabularies we worked on in practice. I have done some work along this lines
... I think the best practice document should come from the results and lessons of putting things (vocabularies) in use

BenediktKaempgen: Data Cube vocabulary is my focus. it is related to my PhD topic and a number of projects we are working on
... I'd love to see the Data Cube vocabulary as a standard.
... I sent an email today to the list including usecases for Data Cube vocabulary. Would love to see this published as anote

bhyland: is there a (reference) implementation using Data Cube vocabulary as part of these projects?

BenediktKaempgen: it is being used in a number of projects and we publish data using it. not sure I call this a reference implementation

<DaveReynolds> we don't have "nothing" on QB, there are lots of public uses of it already

bhyland: I encourage you and all to share the work they are doing with the vocabularies even if the work is not perfect (yet)

<bhyland> All - please consider submission to:

<bhyland> European Data Forum 2013 - Call for Contribution

<bhyland> 1. 9-10 April 2013 in Dublin, Ireland. Submissions should be sent via mail to: edf2013@data-forum.eu

<bhyland> 2. The deadline for submissions is: 22nd Feb 2013, 02.00pm CET

<bhyland> 3. Details on the Call for Contribution: http://bit.ly/EDF2013-CfC

bhyland: my focus is to get the best practice document done
... hope to have this done in January
... would like to see a better version of the community directory

<sandro> DaveReynolds, is there a list of places using QB? I'm thinking this WG should be tracking such things, if someone else isn't.

<PhilA> Just a nod to BenediktKaempgen that the subject of XBRL keeps coming up at W3C. If we get anywhere near something concrete, I'll let you know. It's been around for years and we keep dancing round each other

DaveReynolds: my main interest is on the vocabulary side, particularly Data Cube
... giving the existing usage and adoption of Data Cube I'd be cautious about introducing major changes

<danbri> [aside] re XBRL, I was asked about Financial vocab extensions for schema.org last week ... nothing planned short-term unless there is some interest

<sandro> gatemezi ?

<BenediktKaempgen> Thanks, PhilA. Currently, we are again participating in the XBRL challenge. So, great to hear that it also is interesting for W3C.

fadmaa: mainly dcat and the best practice document

<HadleyBeeman> danbri, how do you define "some interest"?

<sandro> gatemezi, are you on the phone?

HadleyBeeman: getting robust vocabularies to help producing interoperable data

<BenediktKaempgen> @sandro: We are collecting datasets reusing QB at: http://wiki.planet-data.eu/web/Datasets Is that what you mean?

<sandro> gatemezi, ahhh. bhyland was calling on you on the phone. :-)

<danbri> HadleyBeeman ... I'm not sure! People who'll do the legwork, I guess.

HadleyBeeman: mostly interested in supporting the publication of integrated data and cross datasets links
... dcat and Org seem to be helpful to this goal along with the best practices

james: initially ADMS and Org vocabularies attracted me to the WG. I am happy to contribute to their development
... I am most on the side of using the vocabularies (development) and can help in reviewing the specifications

<bhyland> … Working with non-profit, citizens to monitor local gov't.

<HadleyBeeman> DanBri: thanks. That helps me get a sense of what you need.

<sandro> BenediktKaempgen, yes, that's exactly what I was asking about, I think.....

Mike_Pendleton: EPA and other federal agencies would be most interested in the best pratice documents
... the glossary and community directory are also very helpful

olyerickson: the WG has been amazing so far. In the context of best practices, we have identified a number of vocabularies that people can use
... I'd like to see a sustainable artifacts. In the sense that they hold up over time

<bhyland> Olyserickson: Researcher/RPI. When we started, we aspired to produce BP for gov't agencies/researchers/companies who want to participate in this ecosystem. In 5 mos., I'd like to see sustainable artifacts that are used by practitioners.

olyerickson: that can be by providing artifacts that are general to an extent they remain useful but not too general to the extent that makes them useless

<olyerickson> shoot

PhilA: Sandro and me are mainly to help facilitate the WG work

<olyerickson> zaqkim, [ipcaller] is me.

<HadleyBeeman> +1 to seeing the religious wars between linked data and other forms of open data broken down

<olyerickson> "Chasm..." hmmm

<olyerickson> Curious about this religious war...

sandro: also mainly to help facilitating the WG functioning and promote the W3C work

<Makx_Dekkers> hi sorry to be late

sandro: interested in vocabularies and enhancing their standing in getting adopted

Makx_Dekkers: I worked previously on ADMS. for me refining and having the support for ADMS is a success for the WG

bhyland: people who are not on the call are encouraged to email the group of their wishes for the deliverables in the next 5 months
... so far based on the poll about attending the F2F meeting we have 15-a7 people so far

second F2F meeting

<BenediktKaempgen> Hoping to come, looking forward to it.

<Makx_Dekkers> planning to be there

<HadleyBeeman> Should be there

bhyland: giving that the meeting is just a month before the end of our charter, please plan for the meeting and think how

<gatemezi> Should be there

bhyland: to make use of our time there

EU Data Forum 2013

<Makx_Dekkers> probably not able to attend the Forum

<bhyland> The big conference for EU open data projects.

PhilA: European Data Forum 2012 was a success... in this year also there will be a good number of projects, practitioners... I encourage people to go there

<sandro> everyone should double-check https://www.w3.org/2005/06/tracker/users/my

<DaveReynolds> Most issues are listed as "raised" rather than "open" but yes, I know all the ones that affect me :)

<olyerickson> I'm on

<bhyland> @Sandro … is that a no so subtle hint? ;-)

<bhyland> When I look at my tracker, i see 10 items with my name...

PhilA: danbri mentioned an extension to schema.org about dataset

Schema.org datasets extent

<PhilA> schema.org Datasets extension, see http://www.w3.org/wiki/WebSchemas/Datasets

PhilA: it is similar to DCAT and ADMS and it is an important thing to keep an eye on

<bhyland> Per olyerickson, heavily influenced by DCAT

olyerickson: the Dataset extension to schema.org is heavily influenced by DCAT

<bhyland> … semi-open process, there is transparent process but ultimately search engines make final call

olyerickson: the extension mechanism of schema.org requires showing feasibility and usefulness of the extension before being adopted

<bhyland> … primary work done by Joshua @ RPI

<bhyland> … recommend people in this group monitor the public list for schema.org.

<PhilA> Relevant mailing list is public-vocabs@w3.org

<bhyland> ta

<bhyland> … vendors & gov't data publishers & consumers should all be paying attention to this as it evolves, and contribute!

sandro: this group is charted to advice the world about consensus regarding what vocabularies people should use. I'm still concerned about what to recommend DCAT or schema.org extension

<bhyland> sandro: This group is chartered to reflect the worldwide consensus on what gov't publishers should use to mark up their content

<bhyland> … or ADMS or something else.

<bhyland> WG members options that gov publishers should use — it shouldn't be exclusive, rather inclusive. Discussed RDFa Lite v1.1 to decorate their pages …

olyerickson: I think people should use DCAT to publish their catalogs. they also need to use light RDFa to annotate their web pages. Using schema.org allows major search engines to index the structured data embedded

<bhyland> ping - we're outta' time

olyerickson: the techniques are not exclusive in my opinion

<DaveReynolds> +1 to Sandro's comments, group will eventually have to give clear advice and there is an apparent conflict here

<olyerickson> "RDFa Lite"

<olyerickson> Thanks everyone

<BenediktKaempgen> Thanks bhyland!

<bhyland> Thanks everyone

<bhyland> @Fadmaa - over to you now to publish. If you have any questions, please ask.

<bhyland> Thank you for scribing!

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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