W3C 2012 AC Meeting

Community and Business Groups: Plenary Discussion

Ian Jacobs <ij@w3.org>

31 October 2012, Lyon, France



Nov 2011 May 2012 Jul 2012 Oct 2012
Groups 30 82 90 103
Individual participants 340 1280 1535 1900
Member orgs 50 136 146 168
non-Member orgs 90 443 550 700

Example: Responsive Images

Example: JSON for Linking Data


Note: For the topics covered in this presentation, CGs and BGs may be treated equivalently.

Policy question: chair selection


Note: For transitions, CGs and BGs are the same. We use "CG" for simplicity.

Good fit between CGs and WGs

Not always a perfect fit

Who decides to transition a specification?

Working Group wants to take up specification

Community Group wants specification taken up

How does licensing work?


What do you want to talk about?