17 Dec 2012


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Jeanne, Jan, Alex, +1.571.765.aaaa, Greg, Cherie
Suann_N., Cherie._E._(possible), Tim_B._(possible), Jutta_T._(possible)
Jan Richards


<scribe> Scribe: Jan

1. Review of where we stand with test creation:

2. Discussion of how to proceed on having the group approve the tests.

JR: We have at leasdt one test for each SC

JS: Simplest method would be to just ask everyone for comments
... But to have more substantive record we could have a survey at the level of SCs

JR: Between 1 and 3 unique tests per SC
... Preference

AL: By SC...
... survey

JS: It's a lot of work...but xmas is a slower time for other tasks....

GP: Works for me

JR: Me too

CE: Survey at SC level makes sense

JS: Start using tests as you implement

JR: Also mentions need to send "At Risk" SCs to the group list or me directly.

3. Any other issues for the larger group?

Jan. 7 is the first meeting date

JR: Jeanne will be sending out first survey in the week before...

JS: Expect the first survey to be out by Dec 27

JR: How many questions?

JS: Not sure yet

JR: Divided over 4 surveys?

Summary of Action Items

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