31 Oct 2012

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Anssi_Kostiainen, rhauck, jgraham, kris_krueger, Mark_Vickers


let's start

Test the Web Forward, past, present and future

<lmclister> http://adobe.github.com/web-platform/presentations/testtwf-tpac2012/#/

we'll go over what has happened and gather feedback on future steps

<lmclister> present Larry McLister

present Israel Noto - Adobe

TestTWF Objectives

- bring comunity together

- recruit into the standards testing comunity

- teach how to write tests and file bugs

- add to w3c test suites

- keep community engaged throughout the year

We have had 3 events in 2012

SF - june

Beijing - October

Paris - October

SF: 90 people, 90 tests

Beijing: 150 people, 115 test written

Paris: 160 people, 400 tests written

We would like to see more people and more bugs.

Proposed next steps:

- large events in quarterly basis

- smaller and frequent meetups

meetups are focused events

- will create a kit to facilitate create your own event

- find ways to improve testing infrastructure

(tutorials, videos, testing tools, website, etc. )

Philip: if you want to do the even in Boston, W3C/MIT can donate the room for free

Next Selenium conference is in Boston

Possible candidate cities for next events:

Sydney, Tokyo, Delhi (W3C India expressed interest), China (TPAC)

Philip: next F2F in Sillicon Valley

Call to ACTION:

<krisk> slide deck -> http://adobe.github.com/web-platform/presentations/testtwf-tpac2012/#/

- more people organize events. big or small events

- help promote event

- get more experts to attend to the event

- there are other ways to participate (donate meeting rooms, sponsorship, give away schwag, etc)


open question

How can we increase attendace?

What is the synergy between WebPlat.org and TestTWF?

We'll discuss in a sec

You could look the groups that exist already in the places.

International test the web forward day

get it on people calendars

We video streamed the event in SF

If organized in advance, W3C could sponsor local events

suggesting bottom up events.

check out groups on meetup.com.

meetings will be small but numerous.

Will need Experts to attend meetups

--next question--

Ideas for topics?

i.e. "reviewethon"

Chris: use current infrastructure that people knows how to use to keep people engaged

suggesting to read + write spec

suggesting any of the current specs

Wilhem suggests to form teams that can join efforts and complement each other

James G suggests: have a list of tests that need to write, structure the meetup to create a pre-established a series of tests

suggesting to create a template to create tests

Arthur: extract the 'testable' section in the specs

suggesting to improve the testing infrastructure in general

suggesting to have a server that tracks all the test cases that have been created

Chris: it would be great to have a consistent mechanism across working groups

Peter: CSSWG has this mechanism. Called Sheppard

--next question---

Should TestTWF become part of the community efforts under Webplatform.org?

Chris: current W3C not looking very good. Terrible marketing. Should be the central repository for All W3C tests

Arthur: answer to the question. Yes, absolutely.

<AnssiK> perhaps http://w3c-test.org/framework/app/suite should be more visible on webplatform.org

David: no brainer


---next question---

Should we associate big TestTWF events with W3C events or separate them?

are there any other big events that we should tag onto?

David: WWW conference

Eurostar happening in amsterdam, eastern europe

Selenium conference gather 2-300 people

Arthur: WWW conferences are pretty academic. Not sure if it would work well.

David: that might not be a bad thing because you get students to write tests

other conferences: iqnite, gtac, cast, star east, star west

infoq, qconf

Selenium user groups, Agile user groups that focus in testing

---next question---

Other Topics?

any other suggestions


we want to write better tests

Simon: feel free to reach out, we can help

David: what's the process to review test cases

Alan: test cases are reviewed during the event

David: there is a risk that test cases cause false positives

Alan: yes, some test cases are not that useful but writting test cases keeps the comunity engaged

Chris: concerned that some of the test case creators will never be seen again. What happens if you need to contact them?

Alan: call to action

- organize your own event

- help promote and evangelize

- travel to the events

contact us


<krisk> Thanks for setting up and getting 'test the web forward' rolling!!!

Summary of Action Items

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