Media and Disaster

31 Oct 2012

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yosuke: if we have standards to share information, that is very useful

<sangwhan> Scribe: fwtnb

yosuke: triple disaster
... earthquake, tsunami, nuclear disaster
... disasters can happen in NYC
... [ showing photos on NYT ]
... there were 4 events in japan this year
... Big data workshop led by Google Japan and Twitter Japan
... 2nd one is Symposium on Web and Tv 2012
... 3rd is Big tent in Sendai
... last one is Sendai Dialogue led by the World Bank

<naomi> fwtnb: [ showing slides ]

<naomi> fwtnb: big datas of Google

<naomi> Yosuke: NHK also has big data

<naomi> fwtnb: gray area shows interuppted @@

<naomi> ... red area is mobile connection

<naomi> ... number os twitter after the disaster of one week

<naomi> ... datas on using Google application to show images

<naomi> ... Twitter had hash tags

<naomi> ... how we could use hash tags effectively

<inserted> scribenick: naomi

<inserted> scribenick: naomi

<kaz> i/fwtnb: [ showing slides ]/scribenick: naomi/

yosuke: blue circles indicates that broadcaster's information
... people used those bigdatas to analyze information
... needed visualized information
... we have to figure out how we can provide information
... comments?

<scribe> scribenick: fwtnb

Robin: One of the topic in the symposium is disaster
... many issues were discussed in the symposium
... and there are lots of topics related to W3C

Numabe: I'm from Fuji Television in Japan
... I can talk about actual use cases in Japan
... broadcasting is not enough
... there were big earthquake in Japan 1995
... at that time there were no internet available to people
... only source we had is TV
... compare with the past, we have internet and SNS today
... using SNS and Ustream to deliver latest information as fast as possible
... people in Tokyo got information through internet and One-seg (Japanese broadcasting for mobile phone)
... we ( broadcaster ) were really helped by internet

<sangwhan> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1seg

Shoko: Big tent in Sendai was held in July 2
... google crisis response team, students from New Zealand and many others join this event to show what they had done

Yosuke: lets move on to the next event
... Sendai Dialogue
... the World Bank is now encouraging every gov to use their money for disaster prevention
... message from The World Bank is "disaster is the main stream"
... Again, in the nut shell
... [ review slides ]
... what we can do inside W3C and outside W3C

<shoko> ... NHK, Fuji Television and Tomo-Digi prepared doc for this session

Yosuke: NHK and Fuji Television and Tomo-Digi prepared a document for this session

Matsumura: mostly explained by Yosuke

<shoko> http://www.w3.org/community/webandbroadcasting/wiki/MediaTechnologiesInTheTimeOfDisaster

Matsumura: but I'd like to hear people's comments on how to combine broadcasting and internet

Yosuke: there are some issues that we can think of
... we listed these issues with broadcasting experts and internet experts
... getting more and more convenient device, people will get weaker and weaker
... if people depend on new services, some responsibility must come along with it
... There are some places that we can talk these issues
... Initial mapping with W3C activity
... any comments?

sangwhan: its hard to get data connection even in not disaster time

Yosuke: notification and alerts are important
... but we need more information

sangwhan: we can use multi-casting

Kevin: have you ever heard other disasters in different region?
... are there any summary?

Yosuke: one possible scenario
... [ show slide ]
... we have lot of stakeholders, so talking this item in Web and TV IG is not good idea so far
... eGov, GLD, LDP may be some candidate to work with
... and Web and Broadcasting BG also
... next step
... any comments?

takuya: wondering about timeline
... no reliability of internet connection in disaster time

<sangwhan> I believe that this work might need to collaborate with groups outside W3C for the reliable transport bit, since low level transport is not quite handled here (example: GSMA)

takuya: google person finder is a good example

Yosuke: some telecommunication company try hard to establish reliable system
... but that's why only internet is not enough
... If no combination of internet and broadcasting, people can not get information in disaster time

Okamoto: two problems
... network and interface
... I know telecom companies try hard to create reliable connection

takuya: internet is not the only way of course

Yosuke: we have to use whatever we can

takuya: recommendation
... consider use cases

kaz: why don't you include discussions with closed-circuit TV providers including local broadcasters?

Yosuke: quick vote
... Web and Broadcasting BG - 12
... Web and TV IG - 8
... other existing CG/IG/WG - 7

<scribe> ... new CG - 11

... I will start this discussion in some group in W3C

<sangwhan> ACTION: Yosuke to setup a group or TF as a follow-up [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2012/10/31-disaster-minutes.html#action01]

<kaz> [ adjourned ]

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Yosuke to setup a group or TF as a follow-up [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2012/10/31-disaster-minutes.html#action01]
[End of minutes]

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