Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

24 Oct 2012


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Shadi, Justin, Shawn, Annika, Christos, Klaus, Yeliz, Giorgio, Vivienne
Simon, Luz, Markel, Markku, Peter


Arrangements for TC and E2R (20m)

shawn: TC update: all but two papers were resubmitted. most of the resubmitted paper will be accepted. About 9 papers will be in the symposium.

shadi: what's the status for the tc4r agenda?

shawn: to be discussed tomorrow.

<shawn> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wai-rd/2012Oct/0019.html

shadi: any further comments on the message (apart from what was discussed by email already)?

shadi: the message is a good example that can be re-used in future symposia.

shawn: depends on selection of papers. Not all aspects are covered in the submissions for the tc4r. The email is useful to get additional input.

Shadi: The discussion is when to send the call to the IG
... Any thoughts about this

Shawn: My preference will be to get the papers out ASAP

Christos: I think it is better to publish papers asap

so the discussion can start early, and putting in a link to the existing papers would be good

Shadi: people might have reactions to the existing papers

Shawn: If people have questions/comments then they can send it to the list early, may be we should add that to the message
... I am afraid it might be very long, so a summary would be good

Shadi: I agree, there are 4 parag.s to get to the what you are looking for
... Any questions Shawn?

Shawn: As soon it is ready I will send a list

Klaus: We received 17 papers
... Receieves were done last week, all done, thanks so much for reviewing the paper
... the quality is good, out of 17 3-4 received very low numbers
... Others got very close scores, we will probably have 12/13 papers
... We can have further selections, we can focus on topics,
... it might be a option to do it in two parts
... We can have different considerations which can be discussed in the group
... we have three domains: about guidelines, definitions, rules for easy to read
... 7 papers on globish
... Tools (5 papers) and tools development
... Some papers on workflows in easy to read
... one submission is of the topic, guidance on blind users, we emailed them back

saying that they should wait for another seminar

we are now preparing the feedback to participants

and for this we need to have a discussion in the group to see how we will proceed what will be the outline, and how many papers will be accepted, etc

Shadi: we discussed this last week, and we agreed that it would be diffcult to have another one in this topic before Christmas

and we also duscussed that longer than two hours will be difficult

Shadi: we can presentation and discussion in part 1, and have a short break and continue to the discussion after the break
... asking questions to each author, we can ask questions to cluster of papers/authors
... but this still has problems, as getting answers will take long
... Are there any brilliant ideas to resolve this
... we have too many good papers, and how to fit that into a short time as briefly as possible
... any thoughts??

Klaus: may be we come up with a proposal, taking into account the considerastions, like time limit, etc.
... we should merit the submissions
... they also have possibility to express themselves
... first panel and presentations, and then have a more focused with a discussion, I don't see a negative aspect in this
... perhaps this could lead to a longer discussion

Shadi: two hours limit came out from the last week's discussion, especially considering people with mother languages other than English

Klaus: we can allow them with 5 minutes presentation, and have discussion would be good
... have discussion afterwords would be good

Shadi: we kind of moved away from the presentation model, are you planning to do that?
... it will be very difficult to have people stick to the time limits

<shawn> Yeliz: clusters/themes... maybe send questions ahead of time, and post author answers ahead of time

<shawn> Yeliz: when answers are written - it's good for the Note/report

<shawn> ... panel can just be discussion based on the answers. nobody give presentations, nobody answers specific questions directly. it's just a discussion

Yeliz: Specific questions to send to each authors, and then the panel could be grouped into 3 themes, and you start the discussion with specific questions

<shawn> [ Yeliz sharing perspectives from Mobile sympsoium & report(Note) writing :-]


Klaus: If the questions are already answered, why one will attend the panel


scribe: may be the questions will change the format of the discussion
... and we also force people to write more

Shadi: I agree that they must be frustrating to write more and answer more questions

Shadi: but from the experience of the previous symposiums, presentations people just read what they already said in the paper

Anika: I think it is a good idea to send them the questions
... but I don't like writing the answers as I think it becomes scripting
... I attended the 1st symposium and the time limit was very difficult to maintain
... questions can be prepared beforehand and they could be asked beforehand

<giorgio> we have 2 requirements: 1 is to let people run a discussion; 2 let each of the authors to have a chance to say something. thus I would go for 1 or 2 questions that could challenge all presenters, and ask them to respond and elaborate on them

Christos: If we already separated papers into three themes, and have 3 panels, we can have generic questions and we can have specific questions
... 3 panels approach would be good

Shadi: I hope this discussion will give you an idead
... any more questions/comments?

Resources on eAccessibility (20m)

Shadi: This was not on the agenda
... we discussed with Simon, but did not manage to bring it to discussion here
... the idea is to have RDWG Wiki to have internally for discussion, etc
... the idea is to give the discussions to public face
... have categories, etc and publicise it
... the idea to create synopsis of a topic and then have this public
... Wiki has no review, etc

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/resources/

Shadi: but we can filter them and publicise them with small synopsis
... how would we organise such information, may be more tabular format, etc. Have tiles, which would allow you to drill down
... or it could be in list format

<shawn> { syn·op·sis [si-nop-sis] - plural syn·op·ses [-seez] :-}

Shadi: we would like to discuss to create this public face, so that the community can be involved in the discussion
... put pointing them to Wiki is cumbersome and difficult
... any ideas how to do it?

Christos: Is the resources open to public? Can people comment on them?
... and also is it something that we are going to update it?

Shadi: Will this be something that public will comment? or is it something that we will maintain?
... It should be more controlled resource, something that is reveived by the group
... ofcourse we would like to have comments from the public, but we will have the control to add resources
....Topic: involving users, and resources, etc
... somebody might come along and say we have a resource on that topic, and there will an email that they can send the resources

Giorgio: I have a suggestion: tagged cloud as a main page, and tag could be part of topics, etc
...Issue: issue is who is going to maintain it
... maintain topics, tags, etc

Shadi: good question
... we have it as a deliverable in the group charter so the group needs to maintain it
... I like the tag idea so we can consider that
... Other thoughts/questions?
... Shawn, any comment with your EO hat on?

Shawn: I think it is a great idea, very simple, I think one of the questions is how much time/effort will take to do it?

Shadi: the idea is to put the bunch out
... We can transfer piece by piece

<shawn> Yeliz: great idea. important for visbility of group. concerns about maintaining the list of resources. better to keep simple at the beginning. list of topics with synopsis, but not a lot of details.

<shawn> ... low maintenance

Yeliz: I think "maintenance" is someting that we have to consider from the beginning

Shadi: we can think of it as a public face to the Wiki data

Christos: I think a tag cloud is a good. Wiki page can be tagged properly and the tag cloud can be generated automatically
... and that would be all we need to maintain

Shadi: we can always update the Wiki page as we all have login
... but I think the public face is more controlled
... it should represent the group consensus

Yeliz: I agree with this
... It is public face so it should reflect the groups consensus

Shadi: please remember to garden/updare the Wiki
... we could not go through all the items in the agenda so we will continue with these
... and if you have any suggestion, please let us know for the next topic

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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