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09 Oct 2012


koalie, Ian, chaals



Ian: I plan to take a couple days to dive into this and review the content

-> http://www.w3.org/2012/09/24-guide-minutes.html Previous meeting (24-Sep)

Ian: braindump
... Tie-in with Project Management Training
... project is then more than Team contact training
... slightly higher expectations on us, we have support from Jeff for doing it
... I'll do content review and scrub over a couple days later this month
... OK for TPAC breakout, interviewing chairs. Just a matter of doing it.

[Olivier tested his interview scenario with Virginie last week]

<Ian> koalie: I find myself wondering where I can help.

<Ian> ...the part I signed up to help with comes near the end.

<Ian> ...compiling and moving.

Ian: you could be one of the chairs interviewers if we do that
... Virginie's action was to look at the Project Management Training table of contents
... Next week, after I dive into this, I expect to have a better idea of your todo, or chaals'
... Coralie, we talked about your cataloguing the pages, first pass evaluation of which URIs we do no care about, history stuff

[sure, I can do that, and I remember you mentioning it, now. What's the ETA?]

<Ian> Which pages are just old advice?

<Ian> * Which are team-edited policy docs?

<Ian> * Which are "tools you may find useful"?

[OK, if I can do it for next week, you'll see my e-mail]

<Ian> * Which are random w3c comm thigns like the newsletter

Ian: Chaals, one thing we may talk about is the relationship to "how to chair" session

<Ian> http://www.w3.org/wiki/TPAC2012/SessionIdeas

<chaals> CMN: I don't plan to go into the guide in any depth in the context of a one-hour session on chairing. Mention it, ask for feedback on it, and then do what I was going to do already.

Chaals: in the next 10 days, unlikely I'll find the time, but I'd like to do too the sort of scraping mentioned above

next meeting

<Ian> Probably week of 22 Oct


thanks both


Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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