Coremob 2012-09-19

19 Sep 2012

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jo, tobie, Andrew, gmandyam, Dong-Young_Lee, dan, Josh_Soref
jo, Josh_Soref


<jo> rrsagent this will be core mob 2012-09-19

<jo> scribe: jo

rrsagent: make logs public

Jo: want to cover two things, mainly tobie report on document editing and also F2F prep contributions to agenda etc.

[discussion about FB's approach to HTML5 - decided to hold on list as not strictly in scope of the meeting]

Report from Tobie

tobie: been busy on [other things] not much progress on the spec work, but close to a point where the feature set is pretty much frozen and the question is about the completeness of the spec we choose wrt a dta we still have to set at which we want to publish or make final core mob spec

suggest I carry on working and refining the issues and talking to the relevant groups and getting them on track

by the F2F we decide on a date on which we want to release core mob spec and list all specs that are at risk of not being includable by that point

also want to add the question - depending on what that looks like by then - should we release early with fewer features or later with more?

I have my own views on that

jo: tobie is the question you ask for discussion now

tobie: better at the F2F, mostly what we feel we want to have done to feel successful

should discuss on 2nd day of F2F

jo: want to have moved on the framework

tobie: good thing discuss what we want by set date (irrespective of what day it is on)

dansun: target is to release by end of 2012?

jo: preferably a lot before

tobie: when you want the final spec to be done? all part of the same discussion. Feature set is frozen, the question is can we point to stuff that doesn't exist, mostly the answer is "no"
... so the discussion is hold we wait to get more more features

jo: set a date is my view

tobie: set a date and aim for it and know that features are not ready get lost

need to decide which specs are at risk and what can get done in other working groups by then

dansun: agree with tobie, not get lost but not included in 2012

tobie: ... yup, goes into 2012 - but we need to have enough for 2012 to make it worth attaining

jo: plus we note features that we wanted but had to get chopped in 2012 I suggest
... need to continue this discussion for F2F, one for the agenda, definitely

josh: I was on vacation

jo: breathes sigh of relief that the proper scribe has appeared

<Josh_Soref> Scribe: Josh_Soref


trackbot, start meeting

<trackbot> Meeting: Core Mobile Web Platform Community Group Teleconference

<trackbot> Date: 19 September 2012

F2F Planning + Agenda

jo: we have 15 registered attendees

<jo> https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/52857/CoremobF2FLondon20120802/

<tobie> https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/52857/CoremobF2FLondon20120802/results

jo: if you haven't registered, please register

Josh_Soref: if you aren't going, you can still reply indicating you won't attend

jo: the plan... for the meeting
... is pretty much the same agenda
... discuss the document on day 1
... discuss testing on day 2
... with the proviso, that there shouldn't be as much to discuss on the document
... as tobie should have it closer to where it should be
... so i anticipate more discussion on testing
... Document, Test Framework, Tests
... Cars and Roads are different
... the test runner (roads) and what it runs (cars) are different
... anyone have things to add to the agenda?

tobie: tied to this is when to add things for the next spec
... and when to release it
... 2013?
... wrt Testing/Test stuff

<jo> [this relates to ISSUE-34]

<jo> s/tis/this/

tobie: i'd like to hear from people who have tests to know if they have plans to open source/donate their tests to w3c
... i'm happy to talk about TestTheWebForward

jo: i'll add an agenda item for Other Initiatives that are complementary to our work
... and how we can build on them


Dan: do we want to talk about Facebook's approach to testing?

<dan> Dan

jo: generally speaking, people asking about member companies activities
... is relevant up to a point
... what Facebook does with HTML5 may be relevant
... we can have a formal discussion about Facebook's position if it's relevant to an issue raised in the WG

[ this is a CG not a WG ]

jo: we can have an informal discussion about things beyond that
... Facebook describing interesting issues it has had using the Web as we know it, provides input to the WG
... WG in the loosest possible sense
... i don't want us to have "why did you guys do this? why did you guys do that?"
... i think having it on the list is better
... and i don't want anyone to feel it's "open season" on any member
... but if Facebook wants to describe things it has experienced within scope, that's ok

tobie: i'm happy to discuss that

dan: i saw a W3C Perf Workshop hosted by Google in November (7th?)
... i'm not sure if it's related to Facebook's news item

tobie: i can't answer that, you should ask the web perf wg chair
... i'll probably try to go there


tobie: my understanding is that the Web Perf WG is rechartering soon
... they have carriers expressing some interest
... so they're trying to find areas to work on

jo: i'll send a more precise agenda to the list shortly
... thanks all

[ Adjourned ]

<jo> with many thanks to FT for hosting the audio

trackbot, end meeting

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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