Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

12 Sep 2012

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Vivienne, Shadi, Christos, Giorgio, Luz, Yehya, Silvia, Justin, Annika, Simon (via IRC)
Klaus, Kerstin, Peter, Markel, Shawn, Yeliz, Joshue


E2R Call Distribution Status (10m) -

this item to checkthat we all have been sharing the E2R call that we published last week

shadi: this item to checkthat we all have been sharing the E2R call that we published last week

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Distribution_Lists

shadi: there are couple more for Yeliz to sent... do you think there are other list useful for distribution

<shadi> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-ig/2012JulSep/0341.html

annika: there is an event about E2R that I would like to distribute it..

shadi: feel free to use the ones in the web site

Next Topic Discussions (10m)

<Luz> One question

<Luz> Corpora List

Luz: maybe we could sent it the Corpora list

<Luz> Ok

Shadi: great... when you sent it update the wiki page

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Main_Page#Proposed_Research_Topics_.28in_Chronological_Order_of_Creation.29

shadi: this topic is about for the next topic.... we still need to feed more information in the wiki
... from this list we pick up a topic for the next symposia...
... we also need to have some volunteers for the next topic....
... does anyone have any idea?
... justin you expressed an interest in elearnign...

Justin: I am going to update the topic within the next week

shadi: you all have write access to the wiki so feel free to add your topic

<Luz> Yes,

shadi: Luz I know you are involve in language technology. Are there any topics you are interested to...?

<Luz> I think they mainly fit in easy to read.

<Luz> I will think about it.

Alternative Teleconferencing Service (15m)

shadi: we were hoping to use another system today but will see it for the next week

Alternative Conference Publishing Venues (15m)

shadi: The idea is to try to exted our work in to research arena...

shadi; many researchers may not be aware of the group and our work so the idea is to organise follow up events from our symposia

shadi: in order to increase publicitiy
... for the metrics we had a follow up in the ICCHP... many of them from the symposia na some other new\
... one of the caveats is that when authros publish twice about the same topic this might lower the reference index of their papers...
... selecting the venues is also important
... I don;t know if there are any other siggestions of making our work here more visible to the world outside
... any thoughts?

<Luz> I agree selecting the venue is important

<shadi> http://www.hcii2013.org/

one of the possibilities is on the hci2013 ... we might be able to organise something on mobile accessibility

shadi: one of the possibilities is on the hci2013 ... we might be able to organise something on mobile accessibility

<Luz> Could it be possible (we are late for the workshop proposals) but maybe a special session in WWW 2013? (Similar to the one you did with the european congress).

<Yehya> Deadline for Abstract Receipt: Friday, 12 October 2012

<Luz> I mean European Project

shadi: I can look at that...
... usually we can do tutorials or workshops

<Luz> zakiim, unmute me

shadi: do we have the date?

<sharper> has anyone dialled in to zakim@voip.w3.org ?

<giorgio> yes, I just did, simon.

<sharper> OK so there must be a problem my end

<Yehya> Yes, HCII

<annika> sharper: which client?

shadi: I am more interesting in feed back on this process

<sharper> Jitsi and Telephone - both for mac

<Luz> ACL, NAACL, Coling, EACL.

annika: I was thinking about it.... maybe for e2r we might try a conference on computational linguistic and similar

<Luz> http://acl2013.org/site/

shadi: excellent, we can check them out...

<Luz> NAACL is yearly.

annika: ACL in next year but the other ones might be avery other year...

shadi: how people feel that this impacts our publications

giorgio: i tend to say that it is a negative thing
... i would like to see the papers to be present only in our symposium
... it should be clear thet they are shatelite events and point ot the main one

<Justin_> +1

<shadi> http://www.icchp.org/node/370

<shadi> [[This Special Thematic Session (STS) is a continuation of the W3C/WAI Online Symposium on Website Accessibility Metrics held on 5 December 2011]]

shadi: we are trying to improve it
... the idea was we were hoping to link the report to the proceedings
... i wonder if we can take this follow up as an example and see how can we improve it

giorgio: this approach whould be a big improvemnt (poinitng to the main symposia)... could we have some analytics of how many views had the pages of the symposia

<giorgio> ok, thank

shadi: there is problem with that because the web site is heavily used and we are trying to adjust that to have better analytics

annika: i think that following up on other events is a good way to create new events for following up the research topics

shadi: the idea is to continue the discussion
... coming to them later and seeing what happened to them is interesting

giorgio: i think there should be follow up events....
... i wouldn;t like the same information to be disseminated in many locations...
... subsequent event can be interesting for continuing the discussion

<annika> annika: agree with giorgio. What it is good timing for a follow-up event?

shadi: maybe leaving a longer period for the event might be a better approach?

giorgio: this might be a better way.... but in other cases you might need a continuation sooner because new information coming....

shadi: so most of us think it is a good idea but we need to take care for the venues, timing and other issues...
... any other reactions to that?

<giorgio> more or less ok wih me

shadi: we will discuss it in the future again
... any other business?

Role Call

shadi: i was hoping to have simon on the call otherwise I would like to have one more introduciton role

<Luz> Welcome :-)!

mirrisil: intorduced herself

justin: introdiced himself

luz: introduces herself

christos: introduces himself

yehya: introduces himself

annika: introduces herself

giorgio: introduces himself

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/2000/09/dbwg/details?group=47076&public=1

shadi: many other people are on the working group and you can see the list in the url

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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