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04 Sep 2012

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Janina_Sajka, John_Foliot, Judy_Brewer


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<scribe> scribe: Judy

Issue 204, status of expedited formal objection

JB: A formal objection was filed by Janina as Chair on behalf of PFWG
... it's under review by the W3C Director
... while it's being expedited and getting significant attention, we're not yet sure when the decision will be available

JS: is it an issue with people's availability?

JB: partly, this week; but it has already gotten significant review, and needs to go through additional steps. So probably not before Sept 11 at this point.
... There remains a significant dependency with issue 30 because of which change proposal the co-chairs had decided on, so that still needs to be cleared before 30 goes to the next step.

Issue 30, longdesc, status of updated change proposal text

JB: in TF meeting last week, we agreed that there wasn't any change in position, still want to request comments but would need multiple rounds of comments if CfC'ing immediately, since decision on 204 FO could affect the surveying.
... IMO, evidence in 30 CP still provides strong support for longdesc.

Issue 31b, buggy alts and buggy alt guidance, confirming links and evidence

JB: for the _missing_ alts, would be better if we could just offer them some good alts, rather than just saying what's missing

JS: right, could ask David

JB: will do

JF: crowd-source?

JB: uh, let's keep this simple, that technique isn't bug-free yet, how 'bout we ask David for drafts and then text subteam take a look
... sure

JF: and needs to match guidance in Steve's doc

jb: absolutely -- can ask a few people who know the relevant source docs well to doublecheck.

<janina> http://www.davidmacd.com/WCAG/WAI/buggy.html

JB: looking at the top part of the doc now...
... one of the co-chairs had noted that some of the links go to different kinds of things, and need to be checked, or explained, as appropriate.
... 17 problems listed in table, with regard to problematic _guidance_ on alt, that's currently included in the html5 spec.

JS: section 4.8

JB: walking through types of problems
... some 404s, some ambiguous link context, may be too long to try to write up in an email. Will see if David and I can get on the phone and walk through all the links to clarify, for what the html wg may need on this.

deferring agenda item on 206 for now

---- next meeting next week -----

Summary of Action Items

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