28 Aug 2012

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Day 2, introductions

<dbooth> Curran: PhD student Lowell, working on Data Cubes.

<dbooth> TedSlater: Consulting at Selventa, working on OpenBEL.

<dbooth> OliverRuebenacker: Working at PanGenX, also working on turning biological odels into math models

<dbooth> Mamatau: From Quebec, was CS prof w int in SW. Int in health care apps, editing a book and looking for people int in joining in.

<dbooth> SophiaCheng: Working on Eagle-I team.

<dbooth> Eric: We

<dbooth> Eric: We'll do lightning talks, if anyone wants to do one.

SWObjects, a tool for integrating data, Helena Deus

<scribe> scribenick: Frans

tools for converting data to RDF: google refine


<ericP> Google Refine download

mark: google refine is a web application? privacy concerns?

lena: no can be run locally or on server.
... google refine needs RDF extension. available at refine.deri.ie.

<ericP> google refine RDF extension

… downloaded folder should be dropped into "extensions" dir of google refine.

… restart refine service

<dbooth> Installation docs: http://refine.deri.ie/installationDocs

<ericP> unpack http://refine.deri.ie/download-latest in google-refine-2.5/webapp/extensions

<ericP> a la unzip -q ~/Downloads/grefine-rdf-extension-0.8.0.zip

<ericP> then:

<ericP> cd ../..

<ericP> bash refine

<dbooth> actually: bash ./refine

<ericP> then browse

<Lena> example file: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/61307320/example.xlsx

lena: sindice (sindice.com) is a semantic web crawler

… indexes everything it crawls. does both explicit and inferred triples.

… used by google refine extension for reconciliation of imported data.

<ericP> sindice server

<ericP> drop box example

<ericP> Addresses::Facet::Text Facet

<dbooth> From google refine, in upper right: RDF-->Edit RDF Skeleton

<dbooth> Then edit Base URI

<dbooth> ... to be whatever URI you want for your prefix/base

<dbooth> ... e.g. http://example/

<ericP> yup, lena used http://example.com/

<dbooth> Then click "(row index)" to tell it how to generate a URI from the ID column

<dbooth> ... Select "ID"

<dbooth> ... use the default "as a URI"

<ericP> OK to leave RDF Node dialog

<ericP> delete all of the properties except the one with "Names cell" at the right

<ericP> click on "property"

<ericP> you will see "search for property". enter "name"

lena: google refine is connected to prefix.cc from which it derives prefixes, predicates

… allows for voting on newly submitted prefixes

<ericP> after a second, you will see "rdfs:label"

<ericP> (of course, we'd have liked to see "foaf:name", but time will apparently fix that.)

Summary of Action Items

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