HTML Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

23 Aug 2012

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John_Foliot, Rich, Janina, Mike, Judy


<trackbot> Date: 23 August 2012

<Stevef> regrets for today won't be on call, if you need me I will be on IRC

<janina> Meeting: HTML-A11Y Task Force Teleconference

<scribe> scribe: JF

Issue-204 Follow-Up

JS: for the record, a Formal Objection forthcoming from PF on this item

requests expidited handling

Issue-30 Status & Next Steps

JS: chairs have moved the deadline to Aug 30th

some discussion has happened regarding testing and claims

JF: posted a test page, and posed some questions to Maciej about how this might work

RS: Authors have a n expectation that this content is hidden, and now they are looking to redefine it

The proposal also goes beyond 'just' describedby, it is any and all ARIA relationship attributes (i.e. flowto, controls) that may be hidden

RS: if they continue with this, this is something that authors did not expect. It will mean that we may have to go back to last Call for ARIA.

Yet we are also looking at legislative requirements that are anxiously waiting for this as a Formal Standard, and not a Draft

RS: this not only impacts ARIA, but has impact on WCAG 2 internationally

so the impact here is far-reaching

RS: The Straw Poll did not allow for the wider discussion that the complexities here require
... we've looked at a new attribute called describedat, and then we could contain the experience and functionality

without impacting the ARIA 1.0 spec

RS: I can see the use case, but forcing ARIA to go backwards, impacting authors and IT (not to mention legislation, etc.) is not the right approach

JB: seeking clarification on what topic we are discussing

JS: we are discussing coordination of 204 and 30

Working on getting the Issue 30 CP ready.

RS: I just wanted to get other concerns on the record

Issue-131 Status and Next Steps

JS: seems that it haws been mostly closed, however Charles Pritchard has requested some additional time to review and possibly submit an alternative CP

RS: I think the hit-testing and caret and selection topics should be considered seperately
... think that caret/selection should be addressed in HTML.next

JS: I think that Issue 131 is blocked by Issue 201 hosever

RS: don't have an issue with 201

MS: I think that we have enough consensus at this time, and Charles' request appears to be slowing things down
... it would be useful to get Charles to not slow things now

RS: this may be dependent on 201, however how do we get issue 131 moving forward

MS: the spec should be considered Feature frozen, and introducing new features at this time places many of them in risk
... so it seems somewhat absurd to be adding new features when we have no implementation now

JS: sounds like we have agreement here

<Stevef> I concur with mike, we have been working on this canvas fallback issue in public for a long period, we have an agreed set of edits that support accessibility and appear to have browser vendor support

RS: yes, take Issue 131 caret selection and move to HTML.next

<Stevef> note that both of the last accessibility changes were accepted without any push back, which is a win for our goals on canvas

RS: with 201, I am happy with Ted's current proposal - so if we can unlock the dependance then we will see progress

MS: there are a number of features that are at risk already (for example Drag and Drop)
... the whole point now is to record dependable code/techniques that can be used in production already

RS: yes, the hit testing issue is big due to the fact that Flash is going away

and is being replaced by Canvas - the Dept of Edu in the US is seriously looking at migrating in this direction

MS: what I hear is that there is some faith that we will get there in 2014

RS: yes, i think that is doable

MS: the decision will come to the Chairs and WG what stays and what drops

RS: feel fairly certain that Microsoft has implemented a fair bit of this (hit testing)

JF: Has anyone spoken with Charles?

RS: I will talk to him, but earliest will be later this week

Issue-206 Status and Next Steps

JS: the Chairs issued a CFC this week that seeks to adopt the proposal that Judy and Mike wrote up (drop meta generator)

but continue the discussion around a 'replacement'

CFC: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html/2012Aug/0383.html

deadline = August 30th, 2012

Issue-31B (Sec. 4.8) Analysis Report

JB: originally sought to finalize the presentation around buggy alt and buggy alt guidance to the Chairs

that was delayed due to issues around 204 decision and negociating time extension on issue 30

so still pending

without this however the spec has conflicting guidance. hope to return to that next week

The Task Force at the TPAC

JS: no agenda for TPAC yewt

Subteam Reports: Bug Triage; Text; ARIA Mappings

JS; none to report

Summary of Action Items

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