Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

22 Aug 2012

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Shadi, Shawn, Klaus, Luz, Yehya, Annika, Simon, Kerstin (guest), Peter
Yeliz, Vivienne, Markel, Giorgio, Justin


TC Call Release Status

<shawn> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wai-rd/2012Aug/0031.html

<sharper> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Distribution_Lists

Shawn: next step to get wide distribution
... how to allocate responsibility? How to record what has been done?

Simon: asked klaus, if he can distibute to lists?

Klaus: I will chekc tomorrow if I can send Info's to more lists

Simon: WAI-ACT list, if Shadi can send infos to it?
... WAI interest group?

<peter> Table sounds easiest

<klaus> +1

<peter> especially to eke a record

Shawn: should we add a column to the table on what has been done and what is still open?

<peter> I can

Peter: will modify the table.

<peter> :)

Simon: will sombody send to BCI and BCI HCI? Shawn will tacle this

Shawn: WEBAIM will ask somebody to send infos to it

Simon: Interaction design . org - should we ask them to distribute?

<shadi> +1

Yehya: I will send the information to w3-wai-de mailing list (German)

Klaus: When should we send as the next call will be next week?

Simon: suggests to send them now, so people has time to react

Shawn: Conclusion is: everyone encouraged to send CfP e-mail anywhere appropriate. Check table first to make sure not duplicating - and add yours to table so others don't duplicate. Thanks!

E2R CfP Discussion (25m) - http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Topic_4_pre-call

Simon: This has been changed over the last week. It should be in a good status

Klaus: Thanks to contributors. Please send more feedback. If any of the group would volunteer to help in the procedures. Final feedback required to complete

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Topic_4_pre-call#Call_for_Papers:_Easy_to_Read_on_the_Web_.28e-mail.29

Simon: e-mail part of the easy to read
... Any comments on this?

Kerstin: It is in a good quality as it is.

<sharper> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Topic_4_pre-call#Call_for_Papers:_Easy_to_Read_on_the_Web

<shadi> much better!

Simon: Any more comments?

<peter> +1

<shawn> [ /me admits to not having read the updated version :-(]

Kerstin: list of topics is detailed and ready to invite people.
... We should invite people to contribute to the core topics and then to the additional topics

Luz: Are we inviting people to contribute with implementation topics e.g. automatic processing

<Luz_> Thank you for the explanation.

Klaus: it was more clearly inside the call, it is now under language technology - As we agreed that we focus on the basics of the field

<Zakim> shawn, you wanted to comment on "problems", e.g., in "vision problems, dyslexia or other problems impacting on reading"

Shawn: The use of the word "Problem" - We should better use disability, impairment ...

Klaus: I changed the text in the last days - May be it is only in the text customization part - The word "problem" will be changed accordingly

<Luz_> Yes

Shadi: the word "visaualy handicapped" people needs to be fixed as well.
... We should add few more buzzwords people may be looking for. Background and priorities are mismatched

<Luz_> Agree with Shadi.

Annika: Regrading language technologies: In the core topics it could be made more ecplicit

Simon: How you feel about the background text?

<peter> (ps: tables updated http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Distribution_Lists)

<shawn> [ /me checks wording in tc4r - doesn't find in "problems" anywhere https://www.google.com/search?q=site:www.w3.org/wai/rd+%22people+with+vision+problems%22 ]

Klaus: This difficult to do in the teleco. I will discuss it with Shadi tomorrow

Shadi: The focus is now much clear. Making things more explicit would make readibility much better. The group should check the text again e.g. the list of topics. The editorial refinement could be made offline
... Is there a core topic, which should not be there. Or is there a topic which should be there

Annika: Internationalization - Plain language vs. indivualized may be confusing how they relate to each other

<sharper> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Topic_4_pre-call#Easy_to_Read_.28main_page.29

<annika> annika: overlap between main topic "Internationalisation" and additional topic "Guidance" . Both mention language level versus an individual adaptation.

Simon: move to Easy to read main page
... Any changes required?

<peter> looks good in my opinion (after another quick skim :)

<Zakim> shawn, you wanted to note overlap

<peter> Would it help to separate the pages?

<shadi> [[recommend looking at http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/2012/text-customization/]]

<shawn> [ Shawn agrees - the main web page will live on after the symposium; whereas the Call for Papers web page is mostly for submitters, and will get little attention after the deadline]

Shadi: In the official symposium page, there is some level of overlap, as well on the main page their is a certain level of overlap, but it is reasonable

<peter> right, good point (better to not even add more complexity at this point)

Simon: move to topic 5

<klaus> colleagues, am sorry but have to run for an other meeting - will look at minutes!

Simon: Is the call of papers as is okay?

Shawn: I am on vacation. Need someone else to take a copyedit pass through it all.

Shadi: The e-mail part is fine so far apart from the copy/edit as Shawn mentioned

Simon: revisit this until next week, where it should get going
... copy editing will be put on the agenda for next week

Metrics W3C Note Status (5m)

Simon: next item Metrics Note Status

Shadi: this week no publication is going out. We can aim for publishing next week. I will send an e-mail accordingly

Next Topic Discussions (10m)

Simon: We should think about the next topic?

Shadi: Klaus and his team added new topics to the WIKI - May be there will be additional stuff to lookmat in the next weeks

<peter> gloriously!

Shadi: how is the mobile note going?

Simon: We are in the process of adding the answers to the appendix - Discussions about the mobile roadmap will be initiated

<shawn> fyi, EOWG work on mobile messaging: http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/wiki/Main_Page#Mobile_stuff

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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