21 Aug 2012

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John_Foliot, Judy, Janina, Laura_Carlson


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<JF> http://john.foliot.ca/html5/w3c/longer_descriptions/

jf: A new test page following on discussion with Maciej
... Infographic uses headers effectively, I represented in <ol> for long descript
... Then I coded up three approaches for providing the long description
... first is a hidden block using aria-describedby
... used hidden div and aria-describedby but linking to a off-page uri
... third was longdesc -- the off page uri, of course
... then asked maciej to explain how he saw this working with Safari and Voice Over

js Asking what's parsing the markup?

jf: Believe Safari, via the tight binding available on Mac ...
... Effectively, they're unhiding to display the content on screen
... So question about non native Mac tools
... With exception of Apple, all other environments use browser plus at from different vendors, do not have this tight integrated relationship

Laura, areyou still there? We don't hear you on the phone?

<Judy> Summary on 204: some exchange of UI design questions on list; concerns about the location of the discussion; formal objection under consideration in PFWG on the design assertion.

<Judy> Initial discussion on reflecting evidence in 30 CP.

Summary of Action Items

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