06 Aug 2012

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<jamesn> scribeNick: jongund

JN: We have 5 comments

<jamesn> https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35422/aug62012/results

JN: Reading comments....
... JN: Adam do we need every role property and states?

Adam: Are we trying to help developers with good techniques to pass the tests or more general
... Current technique is very general technique

JN: Is is WCAG job to tell people how to use ARIA?

Lorettta: We do have a test proceedure, but it says go to the spec

Loretta: We do not want to provide examples for everything

Adam: Let us draw parallels, lets take 1.3.1
... We went down the list of html elements, for each

Loretta: We have general semantics and then some specific techniques

Adam: It is not possible in aria because their are too many
... I am more comfortable with breaking up the techniques...

Loretta: That will take a 5 years, we need alot more people
... We do not seem to have the person power right now

Adam: Would we like to do it? But not enough people?

JN: If we do that then if we miss something people will seem like it cannot be done
... We are running into an issue in 1.3.1, that here is not a general technique ofor something we want to do

Adam: I am a developer or a layman, it says use ARIA roles, then I have to go other places and cannot use the organization of WCAG techs

JN: If people do not read and understand the aria spec, ..

JG: People miss the keyboard focus management part of aria, since

JN: People may try to just use the technique examples and not really understand and fail the accessibility requirements

Loretta: What are the alternatives?

JN: I would like a general aria technique and then have some more commonly used examples
... Do we want to duplicate information from the spec (aria)

Loretta: have you looked at that part of the spec?

Adam: Which part?

<jnurthen> http://dvcs.w3.org/hg/aria-unofficial/raw-file/tip/index.html

<jnurthen> http://dvcs.w3.org/hg/aria-unofficial/raw-file/tip/index.html#quick

JN: Is this what you are looking for?

Adam: i would like to split them up, but this table is too long to be in the techniques document

JN: This is all the roles ith supported properties and states

Adam: i think we should have as many examples as possible
... i think the major roles would be a good start if we have enough people

<jnurthen> http://dvcs.w3.org/hg/aria-unofficial/raw-file/tip/index.html#quick

JN: We are discussing the second table in SF document
... We seem to think this is too long for WCAG, but we could reference this

Adam: I think there are some important roles like combo box

Loretta: There alot of these we need to have evrything ...

JG: I think we should add links to javascripts libraries that implement aria

Katie: There are some issues with some of the UI libraries

JN: There are some issues with all libraries

Loretta; I think it is good to give people references to libraries to UI widgets

Loretta: Who knows about the implementations in libraries?

JN; Could we put a more general reference to librarues?

<Ryladog> http://hanshillen.github.com/jqtest/#goto_slider

JG: It is difficult to find out what these libraries actually do

Loretta; We will need to have caveats about testing for support

JG: Maybe it would be good to invite library developers
... What would we want to point to in a library?

Loretta: I think we want something for developers
... W could be more specific related to ARIA support

JN: Wasn't there a government website on accessible widgets?

Katie: HHS and hans are working on an juery-ui and html5 and css3 widgets
... there are problems with the fall back requirements, with the keyboard support covered

JG: I am willing to talk to the JQuery people and Becky Gibson at IBM about dojo?

JN: We don't have formal action tracking

Loretta: We will only meet if we have techaniques

JN: If we agree this is a good general thing, we can start on other examples

<adam> i have to leave early

JN: Everything we do with ARIA will go into 4.1.2

Loretta: Some state management will be other places

JN: You cannot do this example in just HTML

Loretta: If there are specific slider examples


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