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31 Jul 2012

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<trackbot> Date: 31 July 2012

Open action items

<Andi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/WCAG2ICT-TF/track/actions/open

<Andi> scribe: Andi

<Judy> scribe: Judy

Action Item Check

Need feedback on "user interface context" language before it goes to survey. Discussion today would be good.

For any action items that we need to keep moving, tell Andi about them, and work out an updated date.

Need to identify is any action items have been overtaken by events (OBE).

Andi will be trying to have her action items ready by Friday.

<Andi> https://sites.google.com/site/wcag2ict/cross-cutting-issues-and-notes/software-ui-vs-software-aspects-of-products

Collecting page with all the different uses of "software aspects" term, so that we can compare usages and sort out what to do.

David M will work on chart of terms related to software user interface

<scribe> scribe: MaryJo

GV: The example in the last submission in the WIKI may be we're looking for - in proposal #4.

PK: Will look at the example today.

AS: Want an example of something that falls out of the range where the software just substitutes the highest or lowest value in the range. The user might not realize the value he or she entered was changed.

GV: Will change the example to reflect that.

Moving forward with the rest of the work.

AS: Review due date is Sept. 7. August should be used to complete the final 7 success criteria.
... To get consensus on the remaining SC.

Judy: Congrats on getting the draft document out for review and thanks goes to the team for your hard work.

AS: Thanks to Michael Cooper for pulling together the draft for release.

PK: We had discussions about the frontmatter and introduction that still needs work. There are potential workscope changes. We also may want to tackle conformance.

AS: We need to first concentrate on what is needed for M376, so the success criteria must be done and the terms must be complete as well.

Judy: We need to have our work done 2 to 3 weeks prior to the October 8 date for the M376 final draft.

AS: As we reach consensus on each of the remaining success criteria, can we send those to the WCAG group to prevent sending them all until closer to the end date?

Judy: Yes, we can do that.

AS: Terminology and cross-cutting issues need to be part of the remaining success criteria work.

Judy: We have many considerations on the timing of our next public draft, but it needs to be covered in an editors' call.

AS: We'll have to be prepared to focus on the comments we receive on our current draft due on Sept. 7. We'll need to formally respond to these comments.

Judy: We can work on responses to the comments as we receive them, so can begin handling comments received prior to the due date.

AS: If responses are formal, we'll have to draft proposed responses to the comments and approve them prior to sending the response.
... Concerned that time will be an issue if 90 percent of comments are received in the last few days of the review period.
... This means we need to complete our remaining work ASAP so we are free to handle comments on our current public draft.

Discuss user interface context

<Andi> https://sites.google.com/site/wcag2ict/cross-cutting-issues-and-notes/user-interface-context

GV: We added the phrase '(by an author)' to the definition to make it clearer that it is only the part that is authored as part of the software.

<korn> https://sites.google.com/site/wcag2ict/cross-cutting-issues-and-notes/user-interface-context/applying-ui-context

GV: Added note 8 to the definition to cover Peter's concern about menus.

PK: The above link is to a page with a table to show how well the UI context works in each of the success criteria that have 'web page' or 'multiple web pages'.
... Some of these SC we came to consensus with different terms. Some of these SC the terms we reached consensus with have more natural terms than 'UI context'. UI context is a newer term and may not be interpreted correctly by devlopers who understand existing terms bette.r

GV: We haven't used 'top level frame' in any SC that we have consensed on. The 'UI context' term may not be the best for all of the SC and we may decide not to use it on the SC we already consensed on.

PK: There are a couple of SC's that are in a 3rd category that say 'set of Web pages' that the term doesn't fit.
... 2.4.2 Page Titled - We do have consensed text that uses 'top-most explicit groupings of UI components'.

AS: We want a term that works for an audio UI as well.

Alex: We need to define more clearly what kind of change causes it to be a new UI context.

GV: In 2.4.2 we weren't using 'top level frame' as a substitute for 'web page'. In addition, that term is somewhat ambiguous.
... The term 'change in context is ambiguous', but in WCAG it is also ambiguous.

PK: Propose we walk through the 8 success criterion that use 'Web page' or 'set of Web pages' to see how the term 'UI context' either fits or doesn't fit.

<Andi> https://sites.google.com/site/wcag2ict/cross-cutting-issues-and-notes/user-interface-context/applying-ui-context

PK: 2.4.1 bypass blocks: Thinks 'top level frame' or 'window' works better than 'UI context'.
... Graphics editor with multiple palettes which is a modal window (e.g. Adobe Editor). Each of those palettes is a 'top level frame'.
... It is a child of the desktop that is tied to the application window. If you bring focus to that window, you interact only with the things in the palette.
... This provision has a problem that it is tied to 'multiple Web pages'. It would be better if it is structured into blocks that are skippable, regardless of whether or not there is repeated information.

<greggvanderheiden> multiple pages is not a problem

<greggvanderheiden> it is just multiple UI contexs

<greggvanderheiden> and works perfectly

<greggvanderheiden> thanks

<greggvanderheiden> OK

<greggvanderheiden> multiple ui contexts works perfectly

<greggvanderheiden> OK

<greggvanderheiden> thanks

<Andi> scribe: Andi

GV: concern about top-level frame - menu is never repeated in the palettes - so there would never be a requirement to skip over anything
... top-level frame approach - 2 commands and content would be treated the same as one that has 77 commands and content
... not sure how to apply it going forward for new types of UI like audio

Summary of Action Items

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