Linked Data Platform (LDP) Working Group Teleconference

09 Jul 2012


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<trackbot> Date: 09 July 2012

<dret> list participants

<steve> 'steve' is Steve Battle - just joined the WG - hello all.

<cgueret_work> hello

<AndyS1> Hi Steve

<ghard> Ummh

<kalpa> how can I get to know my conference phone number to let know Zakim?

<bblfish> hihi

<Yves> -/me waves

<Yves> s/-\/me waves//

<kalpa> zakim aacc is me

<ghard> Cheers Yves ;)

Minutes of last meeting

<SteveS> +1 for meetings

<bblfish> was not there

<bblfish> but read it

<SteveS> +1 for minutes

<mhausenblas> +1

Minutes are approved

<Yves> close ACTION-2

<trackbot> ACTION-2 Set up commonscribe closed

next meeting 23 July

TPAC to be used for f2f

<bblfish> ah btw. I think it would be good for the WebID Community Group and the Read Write Web Community Group to meet with this group too


<ghard> bblfish indeed a good idea

volunteers for hosting a meeintg in US

in the same time as TPAC

by the end of August we should define the exact details

<bblfish> oops could I mention something on this topic?

<Yves> (note, planned time for TPAC for ldp should be nov 1 and 2)

Sandro's "Proposal"

<sandro> http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/wiki/REST

RDF Simple Data Interface Protocol

<AndyS1> "RDF Simple Data Interface Protocol - Level Zero" http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/wiki/REST (from Sandro)

this is already almost in the specs...

level 0 - get and put

not in level 0 - questions and possible solutions

for example PATCH

Arnaud: is it higher level than the graph store prootocol?

Sandro: SDI is more abstract

<AndyS1> (Henry Story speaking)

<steve> 'steve' is steve battle - on the phone also

Henry: I think it would be good for the WebID Community Group and the Read Write Web Community Group to meet with this group too

<bblfish> it's good to see many very similar proposals

Henry: also to organize a hackathon in Lyon

these groups are overlapping

<bblfish> ok, will do

Arnaud: send a mail about these ideas

<SteveS> +1 to bblfish's proposals

<oberger> Zakim: +??P17 is probably me

Richard: collection resources are existing in your domain or new ones?

<oberger> thx MacTed

<oberger> sorry for late arrival (visiting my doctor :-/)

Richard: a resource can be in several collections, how do you manage this?

<sandro> cygri: more Not in Level Zero: (1) removing things from a collection (is it the same as deleting), and (2) signaling what kinds of properties a new resource can/should have.

<oberger> ericP: thx, obvious, but was in too much hurry

Richard: can a client learn in advance what properties should be defined before inserting a new resource?

Sandro: these are for future considerations

<sandro> sandro: Have you tried putting this list into the tracker, or the list in the charter?

<oberger> ericP: s/OSCL/OSLC/

list of issues in the charter

Does existing specs cover any of the issues?

<bblfish> of course it helps to implement it to know what the issues are

issue numbers can be put into emails

<Zakim> ericP, you wanted to ask if the LDBP UC&R <http://www.w3.org/Submission/2012/SUBM-ldbpucr-20120326/> were motivated by OSLC

<oberger> wb Arnaud

<MacTed> ericP - those are already here -- http://www.w3.org/2012/ldp/wiki/Use_Cases_And_Requirements

<MacTed> and somewhat expanded already...

Steve: some of the UC are from OSLC and they could be expanded

<oberger> http://www.w3.org/Submission/2012/SUBM-ldbpucr-20120326/#oslc obviously is labeled purposely ? ;)

Arnaud: please contribute to http://www.w3.org/2012/ldp/wiki/Use_Cases_And_Requirements

<oberger> SteveS: ;-)

Henry: details come up when they start implementing the proposal

but it will be totally re-written probably...

Steve: implementation is coming

<oberger> maybe that would be interesting to list in a page

<mhausenblas> +1 to Andy's point re what does EAI in this context mean (and how it is enabled through our work)

Andy: how it enables integration based on UC? IBM could comment

<Arnaud> sorry can you hear me?

<ArthurK> +1 to Andy's point about EAI

<Arnaud> dret, please, take over :-/

<Arnaud> my phone died somehow

<Zakim> mhausenblas, you wanted to ask re getting a quick overview on the overall direction

<oberger> SteveS: sounds reasonable

Michael: who would object to go forward with IBM submission?

<cygri> what do you mean by "go forward"?

<oberger> I'm not sure I understood what mhausenblas opinion is WRT to the submission... but maybe he hasn't mentioned ;)

<bblfish> Michael is asking for a straw poll on who is generally positive about the IBM submission or who is more on something else

<mhausenblas> Michael: as someone involved both in the chartering and supporting the IBM submission I agree with Eric

<MacTed> +1 sandro ... with those "concern points" being an easy list of issues to start into the Tracker

telling the world this is what we're doing

<bblfish> sounds like a good idea, it will force much more careful reading

<oberger> unless if done during time when too many people are on vacation ?

publish current submission as first draft?

summertime may not be the best period

<bblfish> yes, the question is good: if we think what would it be if we were to publish the IBM draft as a working draft - makes one focus

<ericP> Low Level use cas

<oberger> ericP: OSLC-CM could provide guidance on that particular one

how to solve this using the current submission?

<SteveS> ericP this is already covered in LDBP as 5.4.8 http://www.w3.org/Submission/ldbp/#bpc-HTTP_POST but not with this example specifically

Plenty of work to do: use cases, comments on submission, etc.

<oberger> when's next time ?

<SteveS> so within scope of original submission but maybe needs to be clarified or expanded

<bblfish> great. thanks.

<oberger> bye


<JohnArwe> next time should be in +2 weeks, based on previous call's decision

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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