25 Jun 2012

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<jamesn> https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35422/htmltfJun182012/results

<scribe> scribe: marcjohlic

ARIA technique: Using aria-label

LG does not think the examples qualify as non-text content

David may not be able to continue updating these - do we want to find someone else to finish these up?


David tied up with the ICT work

<jamesn> http://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/wiki/Using_aria-label


<Joshue108> Maybe we do need ARIA techs for CAPTHAS and other use cases.


<Joshue108> We are expanding the examples that we have, Detlev has worked on some, also Leonie Watson has created some new aria-labelled technqiues.

DF: Why would anyone want to use aria-label / describedby vs just using @alt ? We should document cases where using ARIA is advantageous

<Joshue108> +q

JOC: Granular approach where we can outline x,y,z for each SC - or we can create more general techniques

DF: In general as a developer it's can be helpful to see specific techniques for a particular use case

JN: The aria-label techniques are too general right now - not as useful to developers

JOC: Agree - we need clearer / more specific examples

JN: Are we in agreement that these 3 techniques need some re-work

aria-label, aria-describedby, aria-labeledby

<Joshue108> Great stuff James.

JN: I will take on situations A, B, & C of 1.1.1 for the 3 techniques
... ARIA1 takes care of aria-describedby for Situation C of 1.1.1
... Is there a need to review the rest of the techniques today?

JOC: No objection to not reviewing - JN will look over feedback

MJ: Are we fixing small typos that we find as we are reviewing (a vs an)

JOC / JN: yes - let the author know

<adam> got cut off temporarily

<Joshue108> np

<Joshue108> We are going to talk about activedescendent..

<Joshue108> Can you call back in?

<jamesn> zakim ??P4 is Adam

<adam> im hearing half of what is being said

RESOLUTION: JN will review the 3 techniques that David started and update them with more specific examples and use cases


<jamesn> adam - go

JOC: Adam is having connection issues - we'll wrap up today and revisit this topic next week

Summary of Action Items

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