19 Jun 2012

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Janina Sajka, John Foliot, Judy Brewer


<janina> trackbot, start meeting

<scribe> scribe:JF

<janina> updated bug matrix from David, and intro from Janina.

<janina> - Issues 31c, meta generator re-open question: Still pending review:

<janina> +http://www.w3.org/html/wg/wiki/ChangeProposals/Issue31cMetaGeneratorUpdated

<janina> - Issue 194, transcript: update on deadline

<janina> - Issue 199, ARIA processing: update on deadline

<janina> - Issue 203, media descriptors: update on not calling 203 until 30 is resolved

<janina> - Issue 30, longdesc: remaining relevance or not of 204 question to 30

Agenda review; identify scribe.

Issue 31b, buggy alts and buggy alt guidance: Reviewing

JS: David's document needs some editorial re-working

Janina has provided some feedback, reviewing on call

JB: so it needs clearer framing

this is both alt guidance as well as ALT text in the document?

JS: think they are split apart

JB: thought we agreed to combine the 2\

So we need to read through the entire doc to ensure this happened

JS: once we give this TF 'blessing" then we make it a TF doc. At this point it is still just a draft

which is why it has a version number and authored by David

JS: comparing of Technical Recommendation against a draft document

also looking to remove "hot" words - to reduce any contentious language

Suggested a matrix (table) as a better way of presenting this

JB: perhaps we should run this by the WCAG WG as well

JS: agree. wanted that David make changes before we forward to Loretta

JB: perhaps Janina and John can continue on this (perhaps offline?)

JF: talked to Ted about issue 204 - think we can find common ground on MAY language

on JF to try and draft some new text

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]