HTML Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

14 Jun 2012

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Cynthia_Shelley, Janina_Sajka, John_Foliot, Léonie_Watson, Michael_Cooper, Paul_Cotton, Rich_Schwerdtfeger, Steve_Faulkner
, Léonie Watson


<trackbot> Date: 14 June 2012

<janina> Meeting: HTML-A11Y Task Force Teleconference

<janina> Scribe:

<LeonieW> scribe: Léonie Watson

Issue-204 & Issue-30 Is the dependency meaningful anymore?

<LeonieW> JS: Wanted to explore the possibility that the 204 CPs won't satisfy the requirements outlined in our issue 30 CP.

<LeonieW> JS: The generic @longdesc requirement is that the information is available, but you're not hit with it.

<LeonieW> JS: Plus the description being available from an external information source.

<LeonieW> JF: The issue is that we didn't originally link 204 with 30.

<LeonieW> JS: Anyone think is is not worth pursuing?

<LeonieW> PC: What is worth pursuing?

<LeonieW> JS: Removing the blockage/link between 204 and 30.

<LeonieW> PC: Why would this be an effective us of time?

<LeonieW> JS: We have 2 CPS, neither of which will meet the requirements of @longdesc.

<LeonieW> PC: Before there was a lot of theory, but now there is better evidence.

<LeonieW> PC: What's tee status of 204 within PF?

<LeonieW> JF: 204 came into existence because people were trying to show there were other techniques to solve 30.

<LeonieW> JF: Those 204 CPS don't meet all the requirements of 30 though.

<LeonieW> PC: The chairs are flooded with work. It would be better to get 204 out of the way, rather than petition the chairs.

<LeonieW> PC: There are other situations with dependencies. Suggesting that we unlink those dependencies is sensible.

<LeonieW> JF: We're close on 204, whether by reducing to a single CP or going to survey.

<LeonieW> JF: With 204, an indication of when the clock might run out would be helpful.

<LeonieW> PC: Message heard.

<LeonieW> JF: Resolving 204 may help us resolve 30.

<LeonieW> JF: If we can overcome the 2119 language, it can be resolved.

<LeonieW> JS: Would it be helpful to reintroduce the surface with 30?

<LeonieW> JF: I don't think so, let's focus on 204 and then refocus on 30.

<LeonieW> JS: My sense is that the desire for 2119 language is because of 30.

Issue-199 Status

<LeonieW> PC: Ted has an action time due today to review this.

<LeonieW> PC: That might be optimistic though.

<LeonieW> JS: That's fine, we just want to keep it in front of us.

<LeonieW> PC: I've created a priority list with this issue towards the top.

<LeonieW> PC: Ted has five items blocked. We're trying to advise him on the priority of those actions.

Issue-194 Status

<LeonieW> JF: We're've walked the possibilities. Introducing a transcript attribute on the video element was probably the best solution. With the caveat that it should be a fully resolved URL.

<LeonieW> JF: We've worked through the reaction that this was some kind of longdesc.

<LeonieW> JF: We've had an extension granted because the Apple guys have been focused on their conference this week.

<LeonieW> JS: We've surfaced a bug about adding audio/video to interactive elements and tab.

Issue-31C Status

<JF> (Ref: Video/audio focus bug filed by Silvia: https://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=17463)

<LeonieW> JS: The chairs are aware of the situation.

Subteam Reports: Bug Triage; Text; ARIA Mappings

<LeonieW> RS: Canvas. We're in a holding pattern waiting for Apple.

<LeonieW> RS: We're waiting on results from a straw poll. I've also completed my action on carat selection.

<LeonieW> PC: That action was created by the chairs after the F2F on 201.

<LeonieW> RS: I met with Sam and we spoke about the use cases being integrated into the CP.

<LeonieW> RS: Could we change the action to reflect that better?

<LeonieW> PC: I think that's the right action.

<LeonieW> PC: Richard, send me the text you'd prefer and I'll get it changed.

<paulc> http://www.w3.org/html/wg/tracker/actions/217

<LeonieW> JS: Text. We didn't have a meeting this week. A draft of issues on alt guidance in the spec is circulating amongst the sub team.

<LeonieW> JS: We hope to share this with the TF and WCAG next week for comment.

<LeonieW> LW: Bug triage. Keeping a watching brief. Several bugs with a11y tag, but none for the TF to focus on for the moment.

<LeonieW> JS: Mapping. We haven't met for a couple of weeks.

<LeonieW> SF: I've made several updates to the doc and have filed some bugs.

Other Business

<paulc> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html/2012Jun/0088.html

<LeonieW> JF: PC: I'm assuming you guys will be at TPAC?

<LeonieW> JS: We have a problem. PF will meet Mon/Tue and HTML on Thu/Fri, but we also have IndieUI to fit in.

<LeonieW> PC: We'll have to work around that.

<LeonieW> PC: There's also the AC meeting on the Thursday that clashes too.

<LeonieW> PC: These are the items in my priority...201, 199, 194, 189 and 200.

<LeonieW> PC: Is there anything else the TF is waiting for?

<LeonieW> JF: 204.

<LeonieW> PC: Right, ok.

<LeonieW> PC: Where should that go in the order?

<LeonieW> JF: I'd like to see it resolved quickly.

<LeonieW> PC: Further discussion over email or meeting?

<LeonieW> JF: So far it's been email but if a call would help bring it to closure it's worth making it happen.

<LeonieW> JS: A call would be my preference.

<LeonieW> JF: Adobe is holding a CSS hackathon this weekend in SF. I may run into Ted over the weekend, if I do I'll try and give him a nudge.

<Stevef> Flexbox Tests – test cases for CSS Accessibility Community Group http://www.w3.org/community/cssacc/2012/06/12/flexbox-tests-test-cases-for-css-accessibility-community-group/

Summary of Action Items

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