01 Jun 2012

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<matthias_samwald> aaron: we are trying to provide better signals that is not optimized for search (e.g. health).

<matthias_samwald> ... the incentives and the ecosystem are not there.

<matthias_samwald> ... we can cluster content to pivot from disease to treatment etc.

<matthias_samwald> ... schema.org extension grew quite a lot, but still tiny compared to health domain.

<matthias_samwald> ... we don't have anything to do with e.g., detailed genomic markup

<matthias_samwald> ... you don't see users searching for clinical trials, but that is because they are not aware of it. we want to provide that to them.

<matthias_samwald> ... the most common things we see is people starting to search for symptoms, then treatments, drugs etc... there is a common navigation pattern for that. also common patterns for anatomy etc.

<matthias_samwald> ... vastly more patients than doctors.

<matthias_samwald> eric: (gives overview of hcls ig)

matthias_samwald: over the last couple years, we've been bridging clinical development and application

<scribe> ... done some work on personalize medicine and genetics

UNKNOWN_SPEAKER: i'm now working on EU project using web for clinical decision support
... focused on providing better search support for patients and doctors
... we coducted a study of 500-600 doctors asking how they used the web in their daily routines
... we have a good understanding of the role of search engines and how it could be improved

<StuartTurner> HoN

UNKNOWN_SPEAKER: working with HoN (Health on the Net)
... they've been asking folks to submit a website to them and fill out a form
... if certain criteria are met, then give an HoN stamp
... this is useful because it surfaces hidden motivations, e.g. pharma funded or crackpot fringe

aaron: we're intrested in HoN and other signals of authoritative
... the heuristic algorithms may benefit from machine-readable semantics

matthias_samwald: what's your roadmap?
... any interfaces on the horizon?

aaron: we recently launched Knowledge Graph
... we can't go strait from a website to Knowledge Graph because of trust issues, but it's certainly a signal
... a lot of health sites don't give very good snippet info

<StuartTurner> From the evidence-based/informed domain, there is a push to encourage those publishing medical resources (whether research articles, lecures/proceedings or patient-oriented sources) to annotate or bind Levels of Evidence (LOE) as a way to make assertions about the quality or trust in that resource. This is why evidenceLevel, evidenceOrigin in the proposal are exciting.

aaron: it would be good to get feedback on the extensions
... longer term, it'd be
... good to engage your use cases

matthias_samwald: i spent some time representing some of our data using schema.org markup
... of course, that's a nice exercise, but it would be good to collaborate on evaluating how this info and markup can be used

<StuartTurner> Use case: "Context-Aware Information Retrieval" within electronic health records, parsed to the appropriate audience (physicians, nurses, patients, care-givers). HL7 has a model for this (InfoButton standard), but we are working on an approach that is more independent

StuartTurner: we're promoting a Level of Evidence which people can use on publications/conference presentations
... supports the trust issues discussed earlier
... we're embedding an InfoButton (non-HL7) for evidence-based-medicine and clinical decision support

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